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I went to a Sears store the lingerie dept., I could stay there all day, looking at bras when a sales girl asked if she could help me, I got up the nerve to finely say yes for help. I asked if they had any 38A or AA bras she said they didn't have mcuh in that size but she took me around to look. She new it was for me but she treated me so nice (it was wonderful). I decided there is more selection in 36A's so next week I'm going back, I'll get a 2in. bra strap extender and get the sales girl to let me try them on in the women's dressing room, it's not a very busy store so I hope she let me.(anyone have any experience with this). I have larger cup sized bras but I want some that actually fit my body, a nice sheer one so you can see my ******* and a push up so that I have my real cleavage, that would be so sexy and femine. I love interacting with women about my crossdressing it makes me feel so excepted. Thanks Debbie
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Fabulous sweetie
Ask for a propper fitting

I'm going to wear abra to work real soon and i'm very excited about it Thanks Debbie

You and I are in the same boat when it comes to bras. I only want one that fits me with no additions. I want it to be all me and advertize any cleavage I may have.

Hi thanks for sharing. Ilove really love having bras that fit me and my little "A cup" breasts, I think little breasts are the sexiest of all! Wish we were able to dressup together, I love being a part time women. Debbie

Boy wouldI like that and after we got all dressed up and did all the things we wanted to we might have to take off some of those clothes and do some more stuff we would want to do.

I love doing a slow ***** tease, and I would love doing lots of intimate things, **** is so delicious and I love to worship a hard one!

I agree with you. The slow ***** is such a turn on, especially if you don't go all the way to naked before you start doing the good stuff. I also agree that **** is delicious. I don't worship them but I will suck a nice hard one till the swelling goes dowm.

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Hi Debbie, If you shop in guy mode and the lingerie section is busy you may want to go to the men's changing room to try on the bra. Good luck and have fun.

H JML, thanks I've done that many times with all kinds of womens clothes. This time I want to push the barrier and have that femine interaction with an accepting salesgirl. It is so exciting to be in the womens departments shopping for clothes, shoes and lingerie. Thanks Bebbie53

I have used the men's changing rooms many times but using the women's is what I like to feel the complete femine side of my self.

You are brave girl, I love buying panties but bras still scare me.

I love being the shocking male CD in the women's lingerie and clothing departments of stores, I feel so naughty and reckless, and I love it when the salegirls are more than willing to help me. debbie

I know the feeling and love it but so far I have kept "being outwardly a CD" to places like Frederick's of Hollywood and a fetish clothing stores. I like to know that everyone around is slightly "naughty" to begin with. I really don't want to totally shock someone.

You may read my story about bra shopping at VS if you want to. ope you like it.