Where Does It Stop

It all started out just as fun. When i was younger i would put on my mom,s panties. Then I started wearing her slips around the house while she was at work. When I got married I found myself wearing my wife's pantyhose and bras. Now i live by myself and I sleep everynight in panties and one of my ladies nighties. I find myself now every time i go to shopping I now walk though the ladies department and look at clothes, Like today i found the most beautiful long silk dress with a floral print on it and some black sandals. Well what can I say besides I bought them. I also have started buying make ups and jewelry. I keep asking myself where do I stop. I do know I really enjoy seeing myself all dressed up. And they feel so damn nice to the skin. My income is limited so I really have to controll myself or I would have a closet full of womens clothes.
wantabgirl wantabgirl
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3 Responses Sep 25, 2012

Women have it so good when it comes to clothes, So much to choose from, dresses,skirts,pant suits,etc. Even their lingerie has it all over what us men wear. Give me a dress anyday, and oh by the way, I don't think it ever ends, I've been doing it for over 40 years with a break or two for different reasons, but now it's forever. Good luck

I think all of us who like to wear girls cloths have a similar problem when we see pretty cloths and want them for ourselves. girls have it so nice they can be pretty and sexy and wear soft pretty cloths or a tom boy if they want but we are not afforded the same courtesy

Wish I could shop 4 shoes