I didn't know it until later in life. When I was younger I used to borrow my mom and grandmothers pantyhose. From there it escalated to pantygirdles and panties. That was it until I found the joy of putting a bra on with all that. It ruined a lot of relationships when my girlfriends found out. Only one let me put her panties on. Only as a bedroom thing though. Now I have been married for 14 years and been dressing fully like a woman. I feel like myself and enjoy it too much to give up.
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You are a very lucky gurl. You sound like a happy gurl, too!

Vanessa..... as those below have commented.... just enjoy yourself and never let that go. I'm saddened to hear your wife isn't accepting or involved in any of this. From all the TG women I've spoken with, it's just who they feel they are to some degree. For some it's only slight and part time for others the desires grow over time to live this more and more. I'm so happy for you that you didn't give up on Vanessa.

Although my wife is unaccepting I do find time to dress. I have come to terms with this is who I am and I am getting to be more comforatable in those shoes (heels actually). I enjoy being Vanessa too much...And for the record I have tried to quit and just about lost my mind every time...Now I can be me..

Vanessa... good to know how much of a strong woman you are. I think most of the TG women I've spoken to on the net.....Only have their feminine feelings intensify as they grow older. Along with some of the biological changes.. it makes sense to me that they would want to become something they've denied themselves so long. Just know there are always accepting and supportive people for Vanessa. YOU GO GIRL!

I don't think this is ever something that we can quit. It's simply a part of who we are.

And I think that is the hardest part. Knowing deep down that this is who we are. Only thing harder is trying to explain these urges and feelings to a loved one when we ourselves are not even sure why we have them.

So many of us have been there! I've gone through the "purge" a few times over the years. It never works, all it does is cost more money to buy new things.



Wise advice Connie. Can I ask you how femme you are? Is this full-time or part-time? I'd love to hear more about you girl. Thanks for sharing.

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I also love this side of me. Tights and heels feel and look amazing.

And when you can get a cute skirt to go with it, it makes it even better! I too love this side of me...just makes me feel like myself.

Enjoy it privately, or if you are lucky with the wife's approval. Either way, enjoy as much of you can in this life.

My wife has a special kind of loathing for this. I am supposed to be/get cured.

Cured? That would imply you're sick.... Far from it love there is no cure. Only acceptance of who you are. Imho

Although I have accepted that my love for all things feminine is part of me and no matter what I try (and I have done some things I regret) she cannot see that I am still the same person. Once I accepted myself all my pent up guilt and self loathing went away. I wish that she could see the forest through the trees.

Me too sweetie. I hope she can see through it and love you for all you are

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Same here, I spend all my time at home dressed in female clothes

I wore my mother's a lot growing up, mainly her panties, girdles, pantyhose, and bras like you. I never wore my grandmother's clothes, though in hindsight I wish I had. Sometimes I would stay with her overnight or over a weekend, and she would dress in front of me while we talked. I loved watching her put on her stockings and hook them up to the garters on her girdle, slipping on a pretty knee-length dress or skirt, and picking out her jewelry for the day. I had plenty of opportunities to wear her clothes when she was out, but took advantage of it. Thanks for sharing.

How do you wear a bra as a man?

I am trying to save up to buy some nice forms. I use the dessicant (little round balls) to fill up an old knee high to make my forms. They are remarkably realistic.

Depends on what size breast you prefer. If you don't like big ones &are only looking to feel the bra against your natural male breast you may have difficulty finding a training bra or non-underwire/padded bra in a band size that will fit comfortably. But if you like larger cup sizes that you fill with any number of things from socks to stocking filled with bird seed to silicone finding band size that fits becomes easier

No big ones are out. I prefer not to be ogled and gawked at. I have found the used (very clean) dessicant from the air dryer at work to work nicely. It is like tiny ball bearings and fills up the pantyhose quite easily. I have formed 38c breast forms this way.

My response was directed more at Cwin165 who aparently is a young "sister" cross dresser with an honest & logical question from more experienced people. But, hose beads you use to form your falsies sound nice

They are light and can be formed to shape..The knot in the hose also makes for a realistic nipple effect (if you're into having them poke out). I prefer the knot on the inside (towards my chest) so a smooth siluette is formed.

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