That Special Feeling

Often I am restricted as to what I can wear in public. I an one of those who refuses to give up, conform & wear "drab" unless it's just absolutely impossible do otherwise. I just enjoy the special feeling and a certain high when in ladies apparel & exeprience the downer feeling when in drab.

Ladies polo shirts do wonders for me especially with their vivid colors. "Woman Within" had a Cinco de Mayo sale for good quality polos for $5.00 each & I stocked up on them...pinks, bluebell, pale seafoam and a multitude of other normally "femme" colors. I also look for ladies short sleeve button up shirts. There are such a variety available and if you catch them on sale, you can really save a bundle.

These shirts do not draw unwarranted scrutiny like a blouse or other top will. Still, they can be recognized as feminine apparel by sharpeyed lady...very few males would ever notice the subtle differences... I've had some interesting experiences over the years. A number of women have made pleasant comments or given compliments on particular shirts. Others have noticed & I could see their minds trying to figure things out. Never once have I have run into problems even with my hot pink polos.

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