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let me ask you to share your childhood expierience with your first yellow raincoat
how does this feel to you and did you like them until now?
Did you have one anymore?

thank you for sharing
friese4300 friese4300
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I have had one little problem with some of my yellow raincoats. If you wear it a lot.... (and I do) it doesn't take long to get dirty. I was told NOT to put in washing machine so that means Washing it by hand. I'm kind of lazy but don't want to wear a dirty raincoat. Anyone else have this problem?

I never see any pictures??? Is there a way to put PG13 pictures on here? IF so how do you do it??? I think that would add to story.

Hey raingearmen,
oh i love australia but its quite warm not a typical country for raincoats.
I visited australia two times but no raincoatfinds in the shops. Next time
i will ask your for shopping tips. :-)
Now in germany its also no raingear weather its snowing and cold may be
next week we will get some rain.
greetings to australia

Hi friese4300,
many years ago i walked out into a torrential downpour only wearing a yellow raincoat, nothing else as it was warm. loved it. it remains as one of my favourite yellow raincoats and one of many that i have. i live in Australia,

Hi raingearman,

in australia rain is a beautiful country but it rained not very often.
When i visited i didnt find any interesting raingear...
Europe has more rain i think bergen (scandinavia) is the city with the most of raindays ... very interesting place and a lot of raingear
I am interested in historic (yellow) raincoat i love the with the buckles ...