Oh Yes.

Wetting the bed for pleasure is something I've been doing since my teens. I love to go to bed with a full bladder wearing several pairs of under pants which may aor may not already be wet. Then get comfortable usually laying slightly to one side but on my stomach. I then lay there until I can't hold it any longer and start to wet my self. The feeling as my hot pee flows through my pants soaking in to the bed. I savour every second of peeing and force out every last drop. Then I lay in my wetness enjoying the naughtyness of what I have just done and the wetness clinging to me as it starts to cool. I always spend the night in my wet bed and have no problem drifting of to sleep even though I am soaking wet. Waking up in a very wet smelly bed the following morning is wonderful. The first thing I do as I wake is enjoy another long pee and enjoy laying in my wetness as long as I can before getting up. Even though I wet in my sleep again most nights I still enjoy a deliberate really wet night every so often, Sometime I'll just leave my soaking bed and do it again the following night.
Stillwetshisbed Stillwetshisbed
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Pantiespooper: why not pee on your husband and let him suck your lips while you pee?

Hewholovestobewet is living the life most of us can only dream of. I think I'm doing well to leek a couple of squirts onto my bedsheets. Mind you even this little amount builds up some lovely pee stain rings, and as my dribblings dry through the night, they give off those heavenly pungent pee odours!

i love wetting my boxers and it feels so good and i love to act like im wearing diapers i love going down aisles in the stores and looking @ diapers

I have Enjoyed The pleasure of w Soaking wet bed and waking up and do it again before i get up the feeling is Totally AMAZING