I Didnt Think I Could Actually Become A Total Bedwetting Sissy Now I **** My Pants Too

I use to wet the bed for pleasure and then my girlfriend started making me do it, eventually she took away my toilet priveledges and had me **** my pants sometimes even in public, I use to wake up having to pee and would then **** the bed and go back to sleep this became easier and easier then one night i woke up in apuddle of **** and reliazed i wet the bed and didnt wake up, that was about 7 years ago, I havent had a dry night since, I like to **** myself & sometimes wear diapers if im going out somewhere that i can not afford to be seen as the sissy panty wetting "girl" i am...by the way i started out crossdressing when i was young and just like the bedwetting i am now a complete girl (well not 100% i still have a ****, my girlfriend refers to it as a clitty) and it never leaves my panties. So i dress like a girl 95% of the time and never **** in a toilet NEVER!!! I love the way my room smells, and yes i nhave my own room now complete with a canopy bed, pink and whit dresser and vanity with tinkerbell on every wall. I could not be happier...Sex? well thats a different story all together
to be continued
kimberlyiswet kimberlyiswet
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

Great to hear someone else loves being a bedwetter.