I Love It

My name is Carson and I'm 15 and I love to wet the bed. I wear goodnites now so my bed stays clean and dry, but sometimes when my mom is away ill drink a lot of water or somethign and just let it all out. I love the feeling of a wet bed, especially when I have a plastic sheet and it crinkles underneath me. My first time wetting, I ended up j/o with it so my *** was everywhere and that was great. My mom doesn't really know about it but I love to do it. And I have to get diapers really secretly, I go to Costco or 7/11 and get them. I think it's because i like feeling like a little kid. But idc its so much fun for me and I don't think i'll ever stop!
wetkid405 wetkid405
18-21, M
1 Response May 20, 2012

Nope, those of us that enjoy this never stop. Like the rest of us, you are hooked. So, keep wetting, and enjoy yourself. <br />
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Stay wet, stay happy.<br />