Pushing Myself Further

I used to hate exercise but I have come to love it. I like going to the gym or getting out in nature. The thrill for me in working out is pushing my body to do something I could not accomplish before. I set goals for myself to accomplish certain new activities that require my body to be stronger. This keeps me from getting bored and keeps me going back to the gym five days a week. I think if I bypassed these other goals I would soon become bored and give up. Do others have this problem?
SensualIntelligence SensualIntelligence
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3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

I'm happy to hear that you learned to love working out! That's one of my biggest worries about attempting to adopt a fitness lifestyle, that I will always consider it a chore and a hassle or that I will like the benefits but because I dislike the process, I will always struggle to give it my all and push myself to reach whatever goals I have :( But I shouldn't let those worries stop me...

That's probably the toughest part for me too. I used to work out on a regular basis, but now find it hard to stay motivated. Also....with my schedule, it's hard to find the time. I keep telling myself, ya know you'll feel better after wards,and reap the energy rewards. Having a trainer, and setting goals are a big plus.

Work out! I am sorry but I have had some wine to drink and it went straight to my smart@ss. I generally take a yoga class each week and I also take a spinning class. I have a trainer and he changed up my program every couple of weeks because I get bored quickly.