Hello! I love Workin Out.

Well, I first realized I love working out when my older brother got a large set of weights for his b-day but I ended up using them everyday! LOL When I'm angry/stressed I end up going for a run or punching stuff for hours...
One time a friend of mine (boy) mentioned he was going to a new boxing cub for teens, I asked why he didn't invite me and he said, "your a girl! even if you were any good at fighting a boy couldn't take it seriously!" I was fuming!

So I took a couple lessons (teacher said I could do pro) and went into the ring with him...
I told him to come at me and he laughed it off and said he "couldn't hit a girl!" so I kinda blacked out.
I was so angry I ended up near breaking his nose, and bruising his balls... LOL ;) he bloody deserved it though!!! Sexism isn't funny... especially if you don't know the chick can kick your a*s!
oh, and I kinda got kicked out the boxing club for not stopping...
TheRealClover TheRealClover
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013