Trying To Get Stronger

I workout all the time. Yes my muscle definition is pretty good (besides my abs they're just sorta cut) but like I can't seem to be able to bulk up or gain that much strength. I workout every other day. My workout routine

110 pushups without letting my knees touch the floor
75 pullups (resting every dozen or so)
100 situps
Russian Twist
Curling 15 or 20 pounds and performing over a hundred reps
Resistance band
Lower Back workout

Any advice? Yes I have a high metabolism. Yes I eat right. I eat alot. I only weigh 115, but my max is 145-155 in benching (which I don't bench often at all). And im fifteen years of age.
ExtraordinaryMan ExtraordinaryMan
13-15, M
Sep 2, 2012