When it's great, there are few things that compare with an excellent work-out. The combination of pushing yourself to your limits and the massive endorphin rush, plus the sheer feeling of health - it's quite unique.

It doesn't really matter *what* you do, I find, so long as you stick to your workout plan and go hard when you're meant to. It's a real reinforcement of the strength and the willpower that you know you have inside you, and it's a great release, as well as an achievement. It's no wonder people get hooked on exercise once they really get into it!
TheTardyDodo TheTardyDodo
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2 Responses Jun 12, 2007

I wish I still had that, I used to run for fun, now I don't...I want to be addicted to fitness again, currently I’m floating on laziness.

I know what you mean! I love how healthy I feel after working out, I just need to set up a schedule of working out that I can stick to :-