Have been everyday this week and will be in the rest of the week. Been really pushing myself to the max these couple weeks. Really think Im seeing results but am really wore out. Time to recoup so I can destroy the weights again tomorrow!!
CamoCountryGirl CamoCountryGirl
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3 Responses May 21, 2014

Awesome job Sgt WIFE!

Thank you!!

Sarah and I bought some bikes and have been riding about 3-4 miles every day.

doing amazing!! keep it up!!

i've been upping my fitness regimen too.. it feels good but I'm a bit sore.

A bit sore is an understatement.

Well, if you are more than a bit sore, I'd be careful. It's a fine line from sore to injured and out of commission. I've been there too.. It's not fun. I alwys give my body some rest days. Or at least, low impact days.

Just sore muscles, usually I have days off for each muscle group but Ive been doing all over workouts in the gym