Just Started...

..well, into my second week.

It costs £1.00 a day for gym and pool. Not bad! I'm down there daily... 45 minute swim and at least a half hour in the gym after, 20 mins on the exercise bike and a couple of sets on the abs machine.

Not really after losing weight, just swapping the flab for muscle so i look better and live longer.

I'm noticing changes already, not really dramatic yet but they're happening. It's getting easier too.

OK, off to read what you lot get up to and get some tips!


Lazarus42 Lazarus42
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

Thanks Erica :o) <br />
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It's really not hard... I get to look forward to that first refreshing "Spladoosh!" in the pool and the whole pink, clean and glowing thing on the way home after a hot shower... <br />
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You go to a gym or anything?

Congratulations on sticking you your workout schedule!