Really I want the courage to work out. I'm big and I need it. I know I need it badly like seriously. But I need a partner and I have not found one yet. I love workout but I don't have the chance to do at large yet.
Deeyor Deeyor
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 18, 2015

Just go do it. You'll be fine. I believe if you can push yourself to do it alone, you've already done the hard part. Gym buddies make it easier, but will they always be there? Probably not. Their is never a better time to start than right now. The nice thing is your there to improve yourself. That's true character, no one can take that away. Do it, and keep doing it.

Don't be afraid to just get out there and do it. When ever I see a larger person out running or walking at least I give them a mental pat on the back for getting off the couch and not feeding their face full of food. It's encouraging to see and we should all be encouraging them to keep going.
Remember you are doing it for yourself and nobody else.

Thanks so much

no problem. The hardest part is getting over the fear of what others think of you and just concentrating on the goal at hand.
Start with a walk for 10min on one day, then 15min the next day, then 30mins. Then brisk walk for 15min, then 30mins. Eventually you can lead it up to a jog.
Give yourself small goals to begin with or you will give up too easily. But do it daily. Get up earlier before work and get it done. It sets your mind up for the day and helps you to focus better on the days tasks. But you must set up a base for your body to get used to. Going out and hammering a 5mile run at pace will make you want to just give up.
Also relook at your nutrition. See a nutritionist and talk to your GP about it too before you start any form of workout.

You are right. Like seriously. I should start from the small tasks and gradually it will be convenient to improve. Thanks.