Just find out a new turn on , working out at the gym with no underwear on, , get so aroused during training ,
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I have worked out nude, in my basement, at 6 AM, with lights on in my house, anyone walking/driving by can spot me! Is that bizarre?

Not at all. How many people walk by that window and look in at 6 am? When I lived in CT still raising my family, I worked out nude at 6 am in the basement near a atrium door without any blinds.

I only wear a jock strap when I work out. With certain leg exercises, I believe women can see my *** when I bend my legs.

I too don't wear underwear. Depending on the hotel, I wear white shorts without a liner or underwear or I will wear yoga shorts without underwear. I was able to WO in a hotel in Nice France at 2 am completely nude for almost 3 weeks as I was the only one in there. When I am home lifting weights I am completely nude.

Let me add.... I don't get aroused. I do my WO. If someone catches the outline of my ****, so be it but I don't get aroused.

Interesting. I've belonged to a gym where I had to pay let alone an all men's gym. Not interested in trying it either. I have seen Schwarzenegger in his yoga shorts with Franco Polumbo or Lou Ferrigno wearing the same. Not much else on and not much to the imagination. It's serious business to me too....I do my WO, get it done and move on with my day. Occasionally a female friend stops by if she sees my car as she drives by. She's caught me WOing out nude many times. I keep going about my business until I'm done and we catch up and talk while I am doing it.