Going to the gym is always a rewarding experience. No matter what the stresses are in my day, my frustrations or any other distractions, the gym helps me refocus and feel fantastic.

Can a man do anything more manly than lift a heavy stack of weights? The struggle of the muscles each time I exert them just really forces me to sacrifice and do even better. The feeling of looking at my arms and noticing the swollen and rippling veins is a reminder of what beauty can be had in the masculine form.

Speaking of beauty, I've noticed that girls who go to the gym are some of the most friendly and happy women you'll meet. Seeing a beautiful woman jogging on the treadmill, stretching or in the yoga class is always good for the soul. I admire the lithe and toned feminine form, vastly different from my own masculine body, but the contrast is what makes it so special.

The gym, it is life's inspiration on so many fronts.
TheRedTie TheRedTie
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2016

Going to the gym is where niggas like me go to increase that strong mindset