I have many social media friends on different accounts who prioritize working out, receiving compliments for their beautiful physiques and love to share their wonderful workout routines with the entire world without hesitation. A lot of them have memorized working out facts , the best vitamins and read some workout books like a devoted believer reads their Bibles. The second commandment forbids idolatry. This world, specifically America instead of carving our own graven images of a god, we start putting ourselves, our bodies an our workout routines on the throne that God should be seated. I applaud my friends who take care of their bodies, who receive wonderful compliments day in and day out maintaining a beautiful physique counting carbs and staying away from unhealthy foods. But we have to keep in mind just about anything these days can be put in the place of the God of the Bible. The Bible shares that God is no respecter of persons. Meaning , He will judge us even if we have a cute face, sexy abs, and a beautiful butt. we all will give an account to Him one day. Make sure some of that time was devoted to thanking Him for giving you life and everything else He chose to offer you that you didn't deserve. He knows how much time you give Him and how much time you hive everything and everyone else.
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Niceguycursed, what you write is true about being judged and like Jesus said, "Not everyone who says Lord, Lord, will enter the gates of Heaven, for I will say I never knew you." However, niceguycursed the temple is our body and we should honor God/Jesus by keeping it presentable as we are made in HIS image. Idolatry is forbidden yes, but GLUTTONY is also a sin as well.
So my question to you then is this, would you also give this same remark to those who are gluttonously overweight due to laziness? I know there are some that because of medical conditions can't help that, I'm not talking about them. I'm talking about the rest of the majority who are obese because they want to be? After all, you can't tell me everyone that is obese/overweight, has a glandular and thyroid condition!