Tastes Great

I have wrapped my lips around a big lollipop head before and it feels awesome. There is something about the texture of flesh on ***** that is thrilling. That big head sliding between my lips as the lollipop head hits the inside of my lips, and rubs against the inside of my mouth, totally awesome. The best part may be just before he ****, the head swells a little bit and the actual ridge around it firms up a little just as he starts *******. And a man who **** in volume is an awesome treat, have to get the ***** in the mouth though, if it goes straight down the throat, you can't get the full taste and enjoy the texture of the ***** as your lips rub it into his head before you swallow. Swallowing is a must !!!!!!
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I agree on both counts. It's *** in the mouth only. no wasting it by pumping it down your throat. No fun and no taste there. And swallowing is a must. If you worked that hard to get it in your mouth then why in the world would you spit it out? DUH!!!

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