This Is For You

This is for you. For the moment your hand touched mine. This for finding me in the slums of all apprehension. I lost my way and you found me and tought me how to make a new way, a straight and narrow way. I can see the light. I want to go, but i can't because i remember you. They said i would forget, yet here i am in the In Between and i still remember you. Only your breath is on my back. The night and day that we spent in your bed. Those memories i can not lose. As i run away from the light and remember a voice pounds into my back forcing me down. " You will NEVER have a second chance!!!" I speak, so quietly against his thundering breath and still he hears me. "I already got my second chance and he is crying for me on the other side!!!" A sigh and then nothing, no voice. I stagger to my feet and begin to run. He let me go? Let me go.
Running I remember everything about that night. Your hands running up and down my spine as we danced. I remember our lips gently touching in the elevator. Then the way you gently pushed into me as we became one. I can remember the melodiac sound of my moans and your grunts. I remember how many times we rapeatively made that song, through the night and day.
Still running i fall off a cliff that instantly appears out of the valley i ran. Still falling i close my eyes right before hitting rock bottom and i wake up with a jolt of the bed.
Breathing hard i turn my head in the light dark and on the right side there you lay, I love you. I am here with you. I am okay. In my mind a voice rings " You have denied Heaven for this man. You are punished with the curse of everlasting life. You will go on in love and watch him die."
And i say, " I would rather watch him die than watch him suffer my death."
i sleep....this is for You. 
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1 Response Aug 6, 2010

Bravo this story is amazing this just takes me to a place were i understand yu. It just reminds me of the one i love the most and how i would give anthing just to c her happy bravo.