I Surrender

I find myself sitting here at my computer, once again longing for your caress. Many nights are spent this way; flirting and chatting with one another from far away and then gently sliding into the bed, building up the pillows so I can pretend that you are here with me. Sometimes I want to curse the military for taking you away from me but all the while I know that without the military you would lose part of yourself. For now I am content in knowing that you want me too, and I soon lose myself in thought once again.
 I know that once your touch finds me that my inhibitions will soon be lost. I will open myself to you without reserve as you slip your thick powerful **** inside me.  With a deliberate slowness that leaves me struggling to breathe and lost without thought or word, you take me.  Every inch of your **** leaves its permanent mark on my most intimate feminine flesh. You take your time, allowing me to feel every delicious inch of you.
You drive me crazy with want and I need you to take me; my body grasps you over and over, swallowing you deeper and deeper each time. I feel our aching inferno throbbing deep within me. I dig my nails deep into your back and wrap my legs tighter around your waist, pulling you deeper within me.  I am aching and craving far more and far deeper. I want you to consume all of me.  My self-control drains away and my body, all of this body. is yours to use as you wish. I would surrender everything to live that dream with you.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Good stuff!

Awww such intense and powerful passion...... You two have soooo much between you.... ♥ and it ROCKS!!