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 I blog at The Retired Biker Housewife. I post excerpts from "Ride the Warrior's Fury" on my blog. While my blog is primarily devoted to the Biker Lifestyle, it is eclectic and includes, " Commentaries, critiques and irreverent interpretations of the biker lifestyle, as told by The Retired Biker Housewife. No run of the mill biker momma, she tells her side of the stories and legends of motorcycles, women who marry bikers and why, old school views, retirement, housewifery, stories of Dog Boy, the eccentric Golden Retriever and having hillbilly kinfolk."

What follows is my bio:

Nancy has been hell-bent on writing for eons; certainly before she ever learned cursive. At present, she is in the revision stages of her fiction novel, Ride the Warrior’s Fury, an outlaw biker story that traces the evolution of the Devil’s Deacons Motorcycle Club from its origins, shortly after World War II through the mid eighties.

She writes to live and lives to write in a 1918 railroad section house in Yucca, AZ. Nancy graduated from Sonoma State University and earned her BA in English with a Creative Writing emphasis at the same time her youngest kid graduated from High School.

Bikers have played a vital part in her life and her circle is rife with them. She moved to Arizona in 2001, found and married an old Harley riding gray-beard biker and got hitched. She and her old man are busy putting things in order to go taste the snowbird lifestyle while riding the back roads of America.

Nancy blogs at the The Retired Biker Housewife, lives old-school and recycles everything, including the kitchen sink. Nancy says, "I was probably born in the wrong era and would have been more comfortable living in the era of my grandma".

Peace to you all whatever you may choose,

Nancy Frye-Swope - The Retired Biker Housewife

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Mar 12, 2010