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Yes, I do love to read and write erotic stories about my experiences. I've enjoyed a pretty wild sexlife and I've written about many of my experiences here on The Experience Project. Check out my stories and let me know which ones you like best.
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7 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I've made a few.

I like the story about your going-away present for Bobby best.

I hope you check out my stories too they are still there as far as I know.. if you like then please add me

you are very candid. you must be at peace

They are all well written and engage the reader. Keep em ******* =) I have certain preferences, but your stories are great. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

hard to say which is the best, all get me turned on and a few get me hard, having a blast reading your stories, thanks for sharing, you are a great wordsmith, please review my stories and let me have some pointers, your descriptions are excellent. would like to message you but put have tokens and leary of using my CC here

They are all good it is hard to pick one over the other .All are so ******* hot they make me hard reading them .