My Minds Eye

I know you, your in my heart already.

Yet I don't know whom you are.

Your kind and funny.

When my minds eye looks at you, I see something more than familiar..I see a part of me...not in the mushy we are one way...but in a total understanding way.

I can exist with you. I can sit hours with out saying a word in your presence,...because the occasional, glance says it all.

When i'm hungry, I feed you first...because you are my reason to care and share... With out your fulfillment , I can not strive to reach my own.

When, it rains and we are stuck don't try to shelter me from the stormy rain and bear it along side with me,,your hand entangled in mine, white under the grips of our hold.

When you are wounded, my body aches to lash out at those that cause you pain. My heart surrounds you with comfort and absorbs your pain.

furiousangel furiousangel
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 10, 2007

that guy - the one in your mind - I met mine - so they are real. It does happen. I would have never believed it --- but he's real.<br />
don't lose hope.

I like it.