Witness of My Love

I used to wonder why people want so much to be with a lover. I could never understand why... I wasnt lonely. But as ive gotten older, I realize it is because we all need a wittness. We want our lifes to matter. When you choose someone.... when you take a lover... i think we are all shooting for the same thing. We want someone so, your life will matter. It will not go unseen. I your lover will be here to witness it. I mean if we dance our best dance or sing our hearts out, cook the perfect meal....what dose that mean alone? It means so much more with a witness! I see now that its not about lust...Its more about a wittness..a life long one that makes our life matter...makes us seen.....

So where are you my lover, my wittness.....come make me real.

furiousangel furiousangel
26-30, F
Mar 10, 2007