I'm New To It

But, I have found this to be true, especially after joining EP. Basically it started during a so-called "online affair" I had several years ago. As the young woman and I got to know each other better and go more comfortable, we started having somewhat more risque chats and emails about the things we wanted to do to and with each other. Once we got past the basics of "I'd like to get naked with you", I found that I started writing longer and more detailed descriptions of my fantasies with her. They rapidly became very graphic, and at first it was hard for me to write her side of the fantasy, what her body was feeling and doing..... but I got more used to it. Her "stories" to me were never quite as detailed or sexually explicit as mine, but she seemed to really enjoy reading mine. Like most people we did a lot of our emails at work, and it really gave me a thrill when she told me how hot I'd made her or made her blush right there at her desk.

Here on EP I started by writing half about my own experiences and half about fantasies. Those who've read them know that I have a hard time with brevity and tend toward the detailed descriptions. I really hope they are worth the time they take to read. I find that in order to write a good erotica short story, I have to really put myself there into the moment. This leads me to feel and see every movement, every touch, every sensation. This in turn leads me to write it out as I'm "feeling" it.

Trust me, I get pretty worked up myself by the time I've written a short erotic fantasy. I suppose that's a key part of the pleasure of writing them. I'm glad there's a place like EP where I can write and share these fantasies. The feedback has been nice.
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Jul 29, 2010