Unrequited Lust - Chapter 4

It was in her nature to be a ***** and Tammy had never seen any reason to fight it. The fact that she still had some friends was more surprising, how forgiving people could be. Still, it would be nice to have some luck for a change, especially on the dating front. How long had it been since she last enjoyed sex? Six, eight months? It hadn’t even been that good. Joining the internet dating sites had given some hope though most of the guys who got in touch were losers. Photographs taken at oblique angles and in dim lighting, probably ten years out of date… men who wouldn’t give a straight answer to a straight question, probably all bloody married. Men who were only interested in one thing.

Trawling the web had been fun but wasn’t it incredible just what you could find? Heterosexual dating sites, gay and lesbian, casual sex, paid for sex, the list seemed endless. But what had really taken her by surprise was the myriad fetish sites. Was it really so out in the open these days? The pictures on the home page were ever so explicit, men and women bound and gagged, whipped and ********, in leather bondage gear and even using all sorts of machinery to get off. She knew that she really shouldn’t but she had signed up to one site, ‘The Realm of Mark K DeSade’, it was the name that did it, an amusing play on the name of the original disciple of S and M, the Marquis de Sade. Imprisoned on account of his sexual beliefs and practices the Marquis spent over thirty years incarcerated in asylums in France. With a degree in drama from Oxford University Tammy had a little knowledge of the infamous man having played Charlotte Corday in a version of Peter Weis’s ‘The assassination and persecution of Jean Paul Marat as performed by the inmates of the asylum at Charenton’. She would never forget such an unusual title for a play!

Within minutes of signing up Tammy had received an email with verification instructions. She clicked the convoluted link and was taken to a final registration page which warned her as to the nature of the content ahead but also commanded her to publish at least one photograph of herself, preferably in a state of undress. She wasn’t a particularly shy girl - unlike Charlotte she had enjoyed plenty of sex in her twenty one years having lost her virginity to a friend of her father’s at fifteen and then pursuing a hedonistic and libertarian existence at college where she enjoyed the attentions of fellow undergraduates as well as several professors – but she felt a certain unease at sharing a candid snap with an internet site. It did feel kind of sexy though…
Powering up her laptop Tammy perused the various photographs of herself naked. She decided it would be best if she used one that didn’t give a full view of her face and also made the most of her best feature, her arse. She found the perfect picture. She was standing in an open French window looking out at the countryside before her. It had been taken during a camping trip to Spain with friends by a local girl she had met one night in a bar. The girl lived on a farm and had invited Tammy back to her place to sample the Rioja. After a lot of sampling it had been only natural that the two had fallen into bed.

It was her first experience of Sapphic sex and it had been incredible. Tammy was more accustomed to rough sex, where a man would take his fill, would expect her to perform like the girls they saw on videos, would make sure that their own satisfaction was top of the agenda but that hadn’t been true of Sofia. It was as if they made love in a blur, a gauze filled, sun streaked haze of soft and sensual touch. Sofia had undressed her, and with each button undone there was a kiss, her blouse slowly discarded, her bra gently removed, her panties peeled away all the while a wet and longing tongue kissed and licked at her tingling torso.

The urge to come had risen inside her and she felt a passionate need to possess the Spanish beauty. Whereas her own seduction had been slow, delicate and delicious she had torn at the girls’ clothing, revealing her curves, grabbing at her breasts and ultimately enjoying the taste of her juices as she manoeuvred the senorita on to her face, allowing full access to her tongue and watching as the buxom, tanned Sofia rode her face. This was the first time she had used her tongue on a girl and the response was so arousing, her lover was in raptures.

It wasn’t long before Tammy was to enjoy her own ******, a rising crescendo of feeling that vibrated through her body and took her to a dizzy place where her mind and body were lost in powerful, exquisite sensations, Sofia’s fingers probing, rubbing, entering her, using her own wetness to ease their passage ever deeper into her needy *****.

It had been after the hour of love that Tammy had stood framed in the window, the in the afterglow of sex. The warm sun felt good on her body and she turned her head as Sofia spoke her name, facing the camera but the light around her head providing a sort of halo that softened her hair and obscured, at least in part, the features of her face.

Tammy clicked ‘upload’ and the photograph made its way to the server. She imagined it whizzing through cyberspace to some distant country where it would sit anonymously on some giant machine. In fact her details and her erotic image journeyed no more than a few miles.
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