Unrequited Lust - Chapter 5

It had been a thrill to receive the candid photograph of the young girl. Where and when was it taken, who had pressed the button and captured the moment? A lover maybe? Certainly there is a rare glow about the elfin creature, something special, the kind of glow that a woman gets after good sex.

He had invested heavily in photo editing software and he was curious to see what else he could find out about the picture. First of all he found the digital signature and could see that it was relatively recent. She had told him that she was twenty two years of age, the photograph was taken when she was eighteen. Blowing up the snap he could see beyond the open window and recognised the Spanish countryside, rows and rows of grapes, barren hills and distinctive stone farm buildings.

The girl was framed between French doors. What was that shadow to her left? A reflection in a glass pane perhaps? It was a difficult challenge but eventually he had managed to isolate and enhance the ‘ghost’ image and noted that it was a young woman, holding a camera, reflected via a mirror on to the glass of the door. It gave him a kick to learn that she had lesbian tendencies. He would store that information and make use of it later. For now he would respond to her email.

It took him some time to formulate his strategy but in the end he decided that he would trust his instincts. This girl would not have visited his site if she was not looking for something different. It was clear to him that she wanted to be cherished, adored, and dominated. If he was wrong, so be it, he would find another way to enter her life.

“Thank you for the photograph. It pleased me. And pleasure is what I live for. I want you to do something else for me…”
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Sep 21, 2012