The Fifth Fantasy

Tamara had been asked by my friend to tell him her top five sexual fantasies. He had used this 'trick' several times with young women and he swore by it. He said that at the least it was a turn on to hear what turned them on. Secondly it gave you an idea of what kind of sex the girl might like and be happy to get involved in and thirdly it opened the door to actively introducing those kinds of play - the girls would rarely say "it's only a fantasy" but instead would throw themselves into the activity, almost like a reverse psychology situation, a fait accompli.

He had been surprised by her fifth placed fantasy as it was the one that he loved the idea of most. She was such a sweet and sensual girl that he had this vision of her kissing another sweetheart. So when she said a ********* was number five he was a little disappointed. He had hoped it would be her number one, there would be less resistance if it was her ultimate fantasy.
markkdesade markkdesade
46-50, M
Nov 27, 2012