Elevate Me

Outside regular hours, we drop by my office and I take you through the paces of the usual tour of the facilities - offices here, cubicles there; up to my office, then over to the server room. Just as we're about to depart, I notice a cart full of boxes that need to go down to the loading area, so we head out the back door toward the freight elevator.

Once there, with the elevator doors banging shut like the mouth of a great dragon, you notice that I haven’t turned the light on - the only illumination coming from the light filtering in through the metal grates. I casually wheel the cart around until it’s alongside the entrance, partially blocking any external view, and I reach out and snake one arm around your waist and draw you tight against me, a wicked grin shining out at you.

You draw back a tiny bit in surprise, then melt up against me as our lips meet, hands immediately beginning to explore. Though there’s nobody around this time of night, I reach over and press the S button - to park the elevator between floors at the entrance to the loading dock, then both hands resume their search. Our mouths feast on each other, lips pressing, tongues probing, as my hand deftly slip up and release your bra catch - providing ample room for my fingers to slip up and tease your nipples. You unbutton my shirt and do the same, fingers snaking through my chest hair and flicking eagerly at my hardening nipples.

I turn and slide a box to the floor and you know immediately what to do - you undo my belt and release my pants, tugging my underwear down to follow as I sit on the box, and you glide up and straddle me - your pantied crotch coming to rest right up against my standing ****. I feel your heat and moisture radiating from your sex, the dampness eagerly soaking into my flesh as you grind your soft, dampening flesh against my rigid ****. Our hips rise and fall together, increasing the friction, drawing circles against one another, moving of their own accord as our hands continue dancing across each others’ chests. You lean in tight against me, chin at my shoulder, as I reach with my lips and suck tenderly on your earlobe, feeling your own breathing being driven harder by my panting breath in your ear.

We both moan and whimper, feeling sweat building between us for several minutes until neither of us can wait any longer. You lean back, rise slightly, and draw your panties to the side - just enough to plunge your thoroughly wet sex down around my ****, landing firmly in my lap, driving a gasp from each of us. The box is just the right height for your bend legs to drive you up and down, riding me, as my hands reach down to the v formed by your hair. I tease at the hairs with one hand - stroking and caressing, as the other hand swirls around your ****, and paints your own juices more widely along your labia. Your breathing becomes shorter, as your strokes slow, and I take that as encouragement for my hand. I grind my **** up into you, feeling your vaginal walls tighten and flex, with each touch of my hand to your external sex.

Finally driven wild by the sheer pleasure of causing your excitement, my **** trembles, lurches and begins spraying *** inside your *****. I hump myself into vigorously now, thrusting and shuddering with each blast of ***, until all that remains is a gentle trickle. I feel my **** now soaking in our combined juices, trickling down my hairy scrotum as I return my attention to your now wildly flushed labia and **** - I flick gently but insistently and feel you swaying with each flick - driving you into a passionate rhythm with but one end - that comes suddenly and with force.

You grab my chest in your fists, let loose a wild whimpering cry, and I feel your thighs and sex grasp and squeeze tightly, milking my own body for any remnants of passionate energy. As you come off the crest of your ******, I reach up and swirl our dripping juices onto your nipples, causing trembles, then lean forward and suck gently on them - causing tremors in your body …….

I do this several times - replacing our juices, sucking them off your nipples, then leaning in to kiss you, before we both realize how spent we are … and how uncomfortable the box is becoming.

We slip to the relative comfort of the floor, still holding tight, though my **** has now slipped from you. When our breathing slows, we rise, adjust our clothes around our passion-soaked loins, and restart the elevator, grabbing each other for steadying on our now shaky legs as the elevator resumes its journey down.

We walk out of the metal maw, leaving the now-forgotten box-loaded cart behind.

Needing food - needing drink.
mywickedways mywickedways
31-35, M
Dec 3, 2012