Time To Be Young

You take my hand and draw me up the back stairway. I have no idea what’s going on - all I know is you spent the morning away from me, helping your mother lay out the Thanksgiving spread, then spent lunch wandered around the table, nibbling, and forcing huge helpings on everyone but me, and finally started herding everyone out after they’d gotten their fill of desert, telling them that we’d take care of the dishes (thanks!), sending the kids to play in the yard, and the adults to snooze in front of the tv.

As soon as the door was closed, though, you grabbed me and pulled me in your wake toward the stairs. We zig-zag half way up the tight, twisting stairs, then you stop and almost bowl me over with a frenzied open-mouth kiss, bending low, then changing positions so I am above, bending to you. A hand snakes into my shirt to tug at my nipple, and mine immediately go to your breasts, savoring and stroking their fullness. You break the kiss and bite through the shirt at my other nipple, while reaching down and stroking the rabidly growing bulge in my pants. Through the material, your thumb swirls around the head, and your fingers run the length of the shaft. You take a sharper bite of my hardening nipple, then push me onward. "Keep going" is all you say, and we continue up the stairs. Behind me now, you prod me on with a hand on my ***.

You take the lead again once we’re in the hallway - this is a part of the house I haven’t often seen in two dozen visits to your parent’s home - in 10 years, I may have come up here twice, to help dig something out of storage. We veer into a room at the end of the hall - surrounded by tall stacks of boxes is a twin bed, looking recently made and pristine. Without discussion, you spin me toward the bed and I fall back upon it, immediately to be covered by your writhing, grasping body. Our tongues glide and twist against one another as you try to drag the shirt off my body. I do the same with your blouse, popping a few buttons in the process, then our mouths part and I slip the rest of the blouse off over your head. I immediately release the clasp at the front of your bra, freeing your breasts. As they hang down so deliciously in front of my face, I trace the reddened lines left by your bra. I always love caressing and kissing those away.

You stop with my shirt open wide, but not removed - and immediately move to my shorts. A tug on the belt, and a quick unzip, and you have them yanked down to, and then past my ankles. You fling your own shoes off, then quickly pry mine loose. We both pause when the shoes give a quadruple thud on the floor, but quickly resume. You stroke my bobbing ****, thumb splashing in the abundant and clear pre-***.

I moan around your nipple, sucking it deep and flicking it as it hardens. It almost pops free as I feel you lift your leg over my body, straddling me now. You grind your hot crotch against me, and I can feel moisture from your ***** being smeared all over the underside of my ****, and getting rubbed into my own pubic hair. Your hand takes my **** and quickly guides it to the sweet, engorged lips of your *****, and then you drive down the length of my **** - your drenched ***** offering no resistance. My hand rests firmly on your *** - gripping you tight as you ride back and forth on my ****, breasts now pressed hard against my chest as you lean in and nibble and suck on my neck.

I **** my hips up against yours, and we both shudder as pubic bones clash. After a while riding me how, our bodies wrapped tight against each other, you sit up and drive yourself up and down on my ****. My hands are now freed and as you play with my nipples, I reach down to where my **** is plunging in and out of your *****, and stroke your juicy labia and engorged **** with my thumbs. With each pass over your **** I feel the walls of your ***** ripple - I’m driven mad with passion - knowing my release is coming soon, I hunger to feel your clutching, ******* ***** flexing in your own ****** before mine arrives. My eyes drill into yours and we have one wicked, blazing grin between us. Your breasts bob up and down and your hair sails in and out of your field of vision. With each plunge downward, our hips pivot, increasing the stimulation until I feel a regular pattern of tremulous squeezes against my throbbing ****. You are rising and falling and - suddenly, your hands clench on my chest as your ***** squeezes fist-tight on my **** and your entire body shudders in ******. Soft, staccato moans escape your lips, accented by your increasingly ragged breathing. Not trying to make you insane, but trying to reach my own *** as well, I continue ******* hard against you.

Your moans become gasps for air as a second ... then a third .... and ...wait for it .... yes, a fourth ****** over come your body. At your fourth ******, the look on your face drags me over the precipice and my *** blazes into your body, **** flexing and lurching and shuddering inside you. Our paces slow, finally, though my **** is still rock hard, neither of us can take any more motion ... we glide to a complete stop. You fall upon me again, both of us trembling from the exertion, both of us feeling aftershocks from our hard ****.

Finally, as I am softening enough to begin to slip out of you, I kiss the top of your head and ask of your upturned ear, your opposite cheek laying heavy on my chest, "What has gotten into you, my crazy love?"

I feel soft laughter ripple through my body from yours, and you reply. "This was my bed in high school. It’s been years since my parents haven’t had things stacked on it, and my mom mentioned last night that they’d cleared it off & even washed all the linens. Ever since, I’ve been thinking about this bed where I spent so many years, ************ day after day, hour after hour - promising myself that - when I found him, I’d bring my one love, my one passion to it, and live out all the fantasy ******* I’d reached by myself. By the time we met after college, I’d forgotten about the bed and the promises, but last night they all came flooding back."

After a pause, while I absorb your words, you continue, "And ... I told my mother this morning that we’d be spending the rest of our nights in here. Someone else can have the king size bed with the tv and fireplace."

Astonished that she was so bold with her sweet, quiet mom, I ask, "And ... what did she say to that?"

You turn and look me in the eyes, smiling, "She smiled, gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek, and said 'Knock yourself out, babygirl!'"
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Dec 3, 2012