The Alley - This Was A Series Of Emails Between A Friend And I That I Figure I Would Share.

She watches him get up and head to the back of the restaurant and she tells her friends that she will be right back and heads in the same direction. She opens the back door, steps into the rain and sees him standing against the wall. They both feel the rain gently beating on them as they step toward each other, neither speaking a word. He sees her white shirt clinging to her bare breasts, nipples hard. She sees his eyes running up and down her body. By the 2nd step toward each other, she feels his arms around her waist pulling her to him. She pushes him back against the wall and kisses him deeply. She begins touching his face, running her fingers thru his hair as their kisses become more intense. They are both soaking wet but that can not stop these 2 from having each other right there in this dark alley.

His waiting is over. Having made an inconspicuous exit through the rear of the restaurant, outside waiting in the rain anxious, she appears. Her gaze freezes me as she comes towards me. I try and refrain from showing my eagerness to touch her but her subtle smile lets me know she sees right through me. I see her perky nipples through her shirt, wet from the rain. Finally, I have her. I grab her waist and pull her into me as she pushes me against the wall. She kisses me and I then realize that she wants me as much as I want her. Her hands caress my face while my hands find their way slowly and steadily up her skirt. I turn her around, putting her back against the wall.... I see a glaring light in the distance from a passing car. In that brief instance I am able to see the passion in her face as her tilts back slightly, her eyes close and her mouth opens slightly. My hands grab her *** cheeks, while still under her skirt. They move down touching the back of her thighs...I motion to open her legs with the movement of my hands on her thighs and she eagerly complies. I then take 1 leg at a time and wrap them around my waist... Using the wall as a brace and my hands to keep her suspended.... I begin to grind against her to let her feel me. She then begins to take deep breaths in between biting my shoulder and kissing me. Things become more intense. Though we are outside, in an alley in the rain... I see nothing, hear nothing as I'm focused on the one who I have desired for a long time..... Holding her *** and still thrusting against her, I am able slide my thumb into her wet and wanting ***** and the moans loudly, I slide my index finger into her *** as well and I hear a muffled moan as she bites down on my shoulder.... As I push both fingers deep into her holes she responds with gasp and a loud moan then a soft whisper saying " Please **** Me” with that I am now bound and determined to leave her well ****** so she will never forget this moment and she will never deny me that which now belongs to me. My **** hard and wanting, I remove my fingers from her holes and begin to sink my **** slow and deep into her love canal. Feeling the girth of my **** inside her legs start to shake as I plunge deeper and deeper inside her.... as her ***** slowly adjust to the size of my **** no longer do I feel her shaking, but rather now I feel her ******* back to my delight. She out to me and say "**** me from behind, **** me from behind please" I allow her to lower her legs to the floor and she quickly turns around... lifts her skirt, spreads her legs slightly and places her hands against the wall arches her back so her *** is up to provide me access to both her holes...I grab my **** and begin to slide it into her wet and wanting hole.... she gestures for me to hold her hand and the deeper and go the harder she squeezes my hand.... finally I have her just where I want her.

The world seems to stop as we become more familiar with each other bodies, touching, kissing and watching each other. There is no denying that we want each other and nothing will stop me from having him now. As we kiss, I feel his hands moving along my thighs then up my skirt and onto my ***. As he grabs my ***, I feel him spin me around so I am against the wall. His strength and ability to manhandle me is makes me even more eager for him than I was just a moment ago. As my back hits the wall, I touch his chest but a passing car on a nearby street shines a quick light on his face and she can see in his eyes that he is just as eager for her. I lean against the wall, arching my back, giving him full access to my body. He reaches around, grabs my *** with one hand and lifts spreads my legs slightly with the other. My mind races with the thoughts of what is about to happen but not once have I thought about someone catching us here, neither has he. He lifts my left leg and then my right and wraps them around his waist. As he balances me against the wall, I feel his hard **** pressing against me. I begin kissing and biting his neck and shoulder and his hard **** grinds against my anxious **** and *****. I am sure he can feel that my lace panties are soaking wet but not from the rain. The only sounds I hear are our heavy breathing and moans. The falling rain only intensifies the sensations of his touch on my back, ***, thighs. I grab ahold of his neck and kiss him passionately and I guide his hand back to my ***. I feel his hand slide between legs slowly. His thumb slides my wet panties to the side and slides into me. My body shivers as a moan leaves my lips. I see the smile on his face and he feels my body react to him. He kisses my neck as he slides a finger into my *** and another, louder moan escapes as I lean forward and bite his shoulder. This is new to me and startles me at first but as his finger gently slides into me I relax a bit and become more excited by the thought of him being the first one to touch me there. As I feel his strong fingers slide in and out of me, my desire to feel his **** becomes more than I can stand and I do the only thing I can at that moment. I bite and kiss his neck and whisper in his ear “Please **** Me” and look into his eyes. He smiles and begins to slide his fingers from my ***** and ***. I guide that hand up to my mouth and begin licking and sucking the thumb that was just deep in my wet ***** as I feel him begin to force his thick **** into my still wet and ready *****. As I feel the head of his **** push into me, I realize I have never had a **** in me like this one before. I begin to quiver as I feel just how large he is inside me. My breathing gets heavier and my moans get louder as I feel his hands on my hips, slowly guiding his **** deeper into me. As I feel his **** filling me like I have never felt before, I grab ahold of his shoulders, tighten my legs around his back and slide down further on his ****. As I feel him slowly thrusting deeper into me, all I can think of is how I want to feel him all over my body. I kiss him hard then ask him “Take me from behind! **** me from behind please.” He reaches behind him and releases my legs, allowing my heels to hit the ground. With his hands on my waist, I begin to turn to face the wall and look back at him. He licks his lips and looks at my *** showing from the bottom of my skirt. I face the wall, lift my skirt and place my hands on the wall to brace myself. I look over my shoulder and see his **** in his hand as he watches me. I lean forward to that he can see and have full access to me. I feel him step closer to me and slide his **** down my *** and between my legs. As I feel him begin to push his **** back into my wet and eager *****, I look at him then at my hand and he knows I want him to hold my hand he takes me from behind. As he slowly pushes deeper into me, my grip on his hand gets stronger and I moan louder and louder. He reaches around and begins to unbutton my shirt as he kisses my neck. He grabs and pinches my left nipple and moans then tells me “Now I have you just where I want you” As I hear his voice in my ear, I lean my head back and he kisses me. I think I like where he wants me.

Entering her was like heaven, feeling the warmth of her ***** enveloping my ****.. She was tight at first but not soon after adjusted to my size… I think now that I have her I need to ensure that she always craves my ****. I become more forceful…and no longer strive to make love to the woman whom I have admired for so long but rather begin to **** her mercilessly. My aim is to make her always come back for more. With me mounting her from behind I grab the back of her head with a fist full of hair… pulling her head back in doing so. Her hands no longer are planted on the wall but barely touching because of how far I am pulling he head back.
I start pounding her from behind in lustful fashion and the clapping sound from my aggressive thrusting is even louder because both our bodies are wet from the rain. She tried to steady herself as I enter deeper, harder and faster. Again hearing the wet clapping sound from the force of my pounding and the rain… She moans in almost painful yet pleasurable fashion. She seems confused in her actions during this constant pounding. One minute her hands seem to be pushing me away and the next pulling me in deeper. Her moans of joy become louder signaling that she is indeed enjoying this *******. She cries out “YES” “YES” “YES” Then aches her back a little more, again adjusting to the way I am ******* her. With her *** up because of her arched back I begin to administer hard strikes on her *** cheeks as I **** her like an animal… But I do it again and again and again while plowing my **** into her accepting wet *****. I do this to teach her that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain and in some instances they are 1 in the same… I continue to **** her, making a statement inside her precious love canal, which means “NO LONGER DOES THE ***** BELONG TO YOU, ITS MINES” and for now on every time it rains you’ll get wet and want too ***. As the raindrops remind you of the first real ******* you have ever experienced.. Now make me *** so we can leave and I can continue teach you how I need to be ******.

Eyes closed, faced pressed against the wall, I hear nothing but the sounds of our heavy breathing and our wet bodies slapping together. As his thrusts become harder and deeper, my moans become louder. Each thrust is the perfect combination of pleasure and pain…. And I want him to give me both. “Bite me” I whisper as he kisses my neck and shoulders. I hear his slight laugh as he asks if I am sure and I nod furiously YES. He clamps his teeth down onto my shoulder and gently bites me, I gasp and ask for more. My moans become deeper and faster as he grabs my hips, steadying me so that he can **** me harder which causes our bodies to slap together harder and the sound of this makes me crazy with passion. I want him deeper in me than any man has ever been. This man is ******* me like I never dreamed I could be ****** and I never want it to end. The only word in my vocabulary at this moment is YES and I repeat it over and over again as my body pushes back to give him my *****. I completely surrender to him as he takes me in the most animalistic way imaginable. As he pounds me repeatedly, the slaps of his body against my *** are a welcome punishment. He grabs my long red locks and pulls my head to him and kisses me, long and strong, then looks into my eyes telling me one thing… I BELONG TO HIM. I lean my head back on his shoulder and tell him that I want him to take me somewhere where he can **** me properly, I want to feel his weight bearing down on me, feel him inside me places no m an has ever gone. I want to prove to him that I am his completely. He asks if I am sure and I nod yes. He steps back, takes my hips and turns me to face him. He stands, holding his big **** in his hand and stroking it gently with one hand as he pushes me down to my knees with the other hand. As I kneel, I look up into his eyes and slowly open my mouth. He places he **** on my bottom lip and asks me if I know what to do with it. I smile and nod, taking my tongue and tracing the head slowly. As I reach the tip, my tongue tickles that sensitive spot and he shakes then pushes the head of his **** into my mouth. I lick and suck the head of his **** and I stroke the lower shaft. I begin licking his full shaft up and down repeatedly, licking his balls as I reach the base. I reach around and grab his *** as I lick back to his **** head then slowly take him half way into my mouth. I begin sliding his **** deeper and deeper into my mouth, wanting to take every inch of him. I feel his breathing quicken and begin moving faster and faster, deeper and deeper until I have him totally in my mouth and I can touch his balls with my lips and tongue. He begins to **** my mouth, I begin to feel his **** going into my throat and I become more aroused at the idea of pleasing him more. He takes my hair and begins guiding my head back and forth, forcing his **** deeper into my mouth. He looks down into my eyes and tell me that as soon as I make him ***, he will take me to his place and show me what it means to belong to him. I grab his *** digging my nails into him and begin to **** him with my mouth. My sole purpose now is to give him pleasure, to make him *** and let me taste it. He watches me as I take him in and out of my mouth, faster and faster. I begin to feel the throbbing, feel the vein pump and he tenses. At that moment, I let his **** rest on my tongue as his hot *** pumps onto my waiting tongue. I let his *** slide down my throat, leaving my mouth open enough so he could see it disappear. I continue licking and gently sucking him and as each drop continues to the surface, I lick it while looking to him for approval and satisfaction.
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Loved it. Definitely a worthwhile exchange of email.