At The Computer.

Well, as you sit at your computer, reading my story, you start getting horny.
Aching to touch yourself, aching for sex, I come up behind you, put my arms around your neck and kiss your ear. Then I sit on the table in front of you, I'm wearing my mask of course. I lift my long black skirt up and rest my feet on either side of you on your chair. You caress my naked smooth legs, my knees and up my thighs making my skin tingle and my ***** open like a flower. I grab a knife and cut my panties right off.
As I toss them aside you quickly unzip your jeans, and lower you boxers baring your throbbing member. Just looking at you makes me wet and hot inside, your eyes full of lust and desire scan my body. I sit on top of you and gently kiss your cheek, lowering my hands to stroke your hard ****. I position myself and guide your throbbing unit inside me, slowly at first, I move up and down so you're just barely penetrating me, teasing you, making you crazy...slowly letting you feel how wet you make me, up and down, up and down...and then you cant take it anymore! Grab my hips and lower me onto you all the way, entering deeply inside my body, pulling me close to you. I let out a long sigh.
'Aahhhhh... you feel so good'
We press bodies together and squirm with lust, then I lift myself up...and slam back down onto you feeling you go deeper, once more…getting wetter all around you, slamming into each other, then faster…jumping up and down on your marvelous ****, grinding and moaning, pushing deeper and deeper.
I'm breathing really fast now, I keep moving up and down, my whole body is yours…I squeeze you in my thighs and keep pumping in and out...keep riding hard, kissing your face and lips…our mouths and tongues intertwining…

Then you lift me up and lay me on the table, my *** in right on the edge so you can **** me standing up. I wrap my legs around your waist and you start pounding into me...when you're inside me I squeeze my legs, every time you thrust your hard member inside I push you a little bit deeper, and I keep getting wetter and wetter, my juices flowing onto my legs and ***. I moan and sigh with pleasure, I want you more and more each time you shove yourself into me…
You take my legs and straighten them so my calves are on your shoulders, grab my hips and grind into me, my ***** it tighter this way and when you pound into me
I can feel you so much, and my wet ***** is tighter around your hard throbbing unit...keep pumping faster and faster, I can feel every inch of you inside me, pressing into red hot walls of my soft cavity…pumping, pumping… hitting just the right spot.
"Oh keep at it babe…don’t stop…"
It feels so good, you're inside me pushing, penetrating, grinding, thrusting faster and and out in and out…everything is so hot and wet, I'm breathing fast and my heart is beating faster. I can feel it coming…hot flashes course through my body and my muscles spasm lightly at first…once, twice...
" Babe I'm *******… Ahhhhhhh"
The spasms grow stronger and you can feel me on you, my ***** squeezing and letting go again and again, the ****** surges through my body in waves of spectacular pleasure, my back arches and I convulse in unbearable sexual bliss…
And its a chain reaction as you watch and feel me you can feel it coming too, thrust inside of me once, twice…three times...
" *** inside me..." I whisper
Your body hardens, all your muscles harden and you clench my legs with your hands as you shoot your hot *** inside me, pushing again and again your hard member inside me. Pushing and *******, throbbing inside me, your sensitivity is heightened by the ******, I feel extra hot and wet around you…and as you move back and forth inside me you feel shivers up your spine. You topple onto me, we're breathing hard, and our hearts beat fast. Our bodies relax as we catch our breath and hold each other gently
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Dec 14, 2012