More Than She Bargained For.

You arrive at the hotel, dressed as you were instructed. A loose fitting knee length skirt, white lace panties, and a thin white silk blouse with no bra. Nervously, you knock on the hotel door. There is no response and you begin to wonder if this is the right place... if maybe you're making a mistake.

Just before you turn to leave, you are grabbed from behind. A rough and strong hand covers your mouth while the other easily bends your arm behind your back by the wrist. The door is opened, from the inside, and you are pushed through. You have still seen no one, and as the door closes behind you a black silk blindfold is placed over your eyes with an experienced accuracy - tied tightly enough that it will not be easily removed, but it is not painful.

The hand is replaced with a large ball gag, swiftly as to not give you a chance to make more than a muffled moan of confusion. The other arm is now drawn behind your back... both held with what seems to be an iron grip, pushed up just above the small of your back forcing your shoulders down and your **** up and forward.

The rough texture of a common thin rope wraps masterfully about your wrists, binding them individually and then together. The first few inches of your forearm are used so as to prevent much movement or struggling against the bonds.

"On your knees, ****." Somewhat shocked, but dripping with anticipation you fall to your knees. You can feel the short haired carpet firmly beneath you, the silk of your blouse tickling the end of your hard nipples as you move.

Lightly, the back of your skirt is lifted, and dropped again. You can sense people around you, you can hear little evidences of their being in the room - although you can not as yet determine how many or where they might be. A hand below your chin raises your face upwards, and turns it from left to right before moving away quietly.

"Yes... I think you'll do nicely." You can smell the thickness of building lust, the musk of genitals, the sweet savory scent of whiskey. The head of what could only be a massive **** traces the outside of your bottom lip. You whimper slightly, mouth held open wide by the ball gag forced into it only minutes ago.

"This is my ****, gentlemen. She is here for our pleasure, and only I will decide when she has had enough." There are sounds of affirmation. You can detect at least 4... maybe 5 distinct voices aside from the one who seems to be in charge. "Now, you little ****, I am going to take out your gag and fill your mouth with ****. If you make a single unpleasant sound, I will beat you. If your teeth touch any of our *****, we will all beat you. Nod if you understand." At first you're a little apprehensive - this is not exactly what you'd expected - but quickly you realize how little choice you have in the matter. Unable to do anything else, you nod in agreement.

The man who speaks steps behind you, and unfastens your gag. The moment it falls from your mouth another grabs you by the hair, twisting it in his fist, and rams his **** deep into your throat. The force isn't constant and you are allowed to breathe, although this **** isn't leaving and through a combination of thrusts and tugs on your hair he ***** your mouth rigorously. You can feel the back of your skirt pulled up and tucked lightly into the waist band, exposing your *** to the room. Hands begin to cover your body, kneading your breasts and spreading your knees, squeezing your thighs and forcing your ankles closer together. You have no idea how many men might be touching you, so many that the tingles running across your skin have no chance to subside before another finger traces the lips of your ***** through the lace or rubs the silk blouse into your full ****.

The man ******* your mouth seems to be throbbing, growing harder and more tense. You can feel his grip on your hair tightening as he approaches climax. Moments later he explodes in your mouth - withdrawing and spurting the last few pumps on your face. The smell, the stinging heat, the stickiness of it causes your belly to melt into your *****. You can feel your **** swell with excitement.

Almost instantly another **** is rammed into your mouth, hands on either side of your head. This man is smaller, and more gentle. He slowly and methodically rubs the tip of his **** on your cheeks and tongue.

Fingers, flattened so as not to split your swollen lips or push the lace towards your ****, begin to rub from your pelvis to your taint. Smashing the surface of your moist **** upon itself, the occassional passing lace rubs against the inside of your lips.

Thumbs spread your ***, and release to let your soft cheeks bounce just a bit. From behind, two strong hands rip your blouse open sending a few buttons bouncing on the floor. Those massive glorious **** escape their silken prison, and nipples brush against the hairy thigh of the man who still passionately rapes your throat.

The same hands behind you carefully wrap something about your throat. It could only be a leather choker, secured with a click in the back. You feel a cold steel bar against your neck as the scissors cut down the back of your blouse, and then enough to let it fall to the floor.

The man in your mouth ****, a thick sticky *** that coats the top of your mouth and falls onto your tongue and down your throat. He pulls out, and slaps you on the face playfully - although it stings all the same. You hear the bed creak a little as someone sits on the edge. You are pulled forward by the choker, which must have had a leash attached. Your face is pulled into a slightly trimmed and very musky scrotum "lick it, *****". A hand upon the small of your back forces you to arch your body, pushing your ******* upwards and forcing your weight to push your face harder into the hairy sack.

Fingers toy with your *****, tongues on your ***. The leash is used to pull you from **** to ****, as three men take turns ******* your mouth.

Someone spits in the crack of your ***, and rubs it into the tight hole there until it begins to loosen up. One of the men you were sucking on walks behind you and shoots his *** on your ***, working it in with his fingers. Your panties are pulled to the side, and a firm grip on your hips holds you in place while a huge throbbing **** is pushed into your tight awaiting *******. It hurts, but he doesn't stop. He eases in balls deep, and grunts a sigh of pleasurable relief.

As he begins to thrust, slowly at first and then with more vigor, your head bounces on the **** you're sucking. You gag slightly from it being rammed deep into your throat - and immediately the leash is tugged backwards choking you and pulling you away from the massive ****. You are slapped across the face, and nipples pinched hard. "I don't want to hear gagging, *** ****, I want to hear begging." You are pulled up to your feet by your hair, and the insides of your knees smacked hard to force them spread.

Your skirt is pulled down, and off. There you stand, blindfolded, in the small lace white panties you spent so much time choosing the night before, covered in *** and smelling of sweat and ****. A hard, swift, cracking smack on your *** that stings with fire and needles. "Beg to be ******, you little *****." - to which you quickly and eagerly acquiesce.

By the leash you are pulled forward, stumbling as you unknowingly run into the bed. You can feel many hands guiding you - strong hands, whom know what they want, who have every intention of taking it from you by force. You are pushed to straddle a man - hands still tied behind your back preventing you from gaining your balance so that when pushed forward your ******* push against his face. He grabs and squeezes your ******* hard, licking and sucking on them with small nips in between. Another set of hands pulls you back and onto the prone mans awaiting ****, it slides past your panties and deep into your desperate ****. You unwillingly moan what seems like a sigh of relief... you've never had a **** this big in you before, and the stretching of your ***** is both painful and satisfying.

You can feel a man stepping onto the bed, obviously standing on his feet and crouching behind you. His left hand placed firmly in the small of your back, his right pulls hard on your leash bending your body into a delicious pose that exposes your body to all. The already used ******* has no problems accepting his rather small ****, and as he furiously ***** you the motion causes you to gently ride back and forth on the massive **** in your ****.

A hand in your hair turns your head to the side, and onto yet another waiting ****. Rock hard, the texture of the veins is smooth and curious in your mouth. After a few awkward seconds, the three men seem to find a rhythm with your sweet, soft, supple body and all become almost enraged with need. The ******* becomes more and more rough, your head occassionally forcefully pulled to the other side of the bed and onto another awaiting ****.

Each of the men take their turn ******* your tight bleeding ***, some ******* in it which soothes the burn, some ******* on your back in little pools that cool quickly in the cold hotel air, some tugging on your leash to empty their loads into your hair, or onto your face.

The man beneath you maintains his steady rhythmic thrusting as you ride against his pelvis, your ***** juice mixing with *** and blood from your *** to lube the gliding motion. Almost suddenly, as perhaps the 4th (was it 5th?) man ******* your *** finishes and unloads inside of you, you are tossed onto your back by the man beneath you. He seems to have lost the control he maintained so long, using his shoulders beneath your knees to push your legs high into the air, and diving deep with forceful, needful thrusts.

His **** throbs, pumps, and spurts what must have been the most *** you've ever felt - instantly filling you and pushing itself around his massive **** to drip down your taint and soothe your still sore *******. He groans in a pained release, and after a few still moments of spitting *** into you he pulls back and stands up from the bed.

"You are a delicious little ****... maybe I should just keep you locked up here for a while." You hear amused laughs and words of agreement from around the room. The smell of a dark cigar drifts across you, as the men all begin to relax while watching you squirm.

After what feels like an eternity, but was likely only minutes, you feel a sharp cold steel blade trace your jawline. Slowly, and threateningly it crosses your throat, and your jugular. Smacked on the hip you instinctively turn onto your belly, and several of the men laugh softly.

With one clean motion the rope binding your wrists together is cut, and you can feel the ache and soreness in them. They feel almost foreign, and you move them a bit to regain the feeling. You become aware of the sticky, sweet smelling *** that covers your panties, as it begins to grow cold and refreshing against your burning, wet *****.

"Thank you gentlemen, for helping me get her opened up. I will invite you all back again when she is fully trained to see her improvements."

Some scuffling sounds, light banter and laughter follow. A few of the men come near you, grabbing you by the back of the neck and kissing you deeply before dropping you like an unwanted toy and leaving through the door.

When they have all left, you feel just one man leaning onto the bed. His fingers tuck your hair wet with sweat and proof of your worth behind your ears, before removing your blindfold. It is then, for the first time, you look into his green eyes and see the man who finally gave you the means to fulfill your purpose in life - the pleasure of men.
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Very intense and indeed passionate in many ways! ;) You have my approval!! :)