A Little S&m

She and I had talked about this many times.  If I were to tell you the circumstances, the frustrations, the attraraction, the particular curve of her elusiveness, you would perhaps want to spank her, too.  But all of that is for my memory, and my memory alone.

I will  call her Leisha, to protect her real name, but if she reads this, she will know that it is her of whom I am writing.

We had moved from the couch to the bed, and I was finger ******* her.  She was on her back and  I had two fingers of one hand up her *** and two fingers of the other in her ****.  I could feel the thin wall that separated one from the other'; slick, hot, between my fingers.  Then she rolled over  on her stomach.  I moved between her legs and I ****** her in her ***.  When she came, I thought she would cry.  I myself was exhausted.  I lay down next to her.

For a long time we lay without tallking.  Then I said:  "That was really good for me.  I like ******* you in the ***.  Was it good for you?"

"It was great," she said.  "But you know what I really wanted?"


"When you were back there?"


"I wanted you to spank me.  I wanted you to punish me"

I felt dizzy with desire.

"To spank you?"

"Yeah," she said.

"With my hand?"


We were both breathing heavily.

"To **** you and spank you?"


"At the same time?"

"Yeah.  I really want that."

"Damn!" was all I could say.

You can imagine what happened the next night.

We were on the bed, again.  It began with lots of foreplay and me giving her lots of oral.  One of my favorite things to do.

"Turn over," I said.

Leisha obeyed.

"Spread your legs."

She was wet to the touch, her lips were silky and the rosebud of her tight hole was puckered in anticipation.

I found her *******.  I ran my index finger around the the rim of it, then I slid my middle finger inside her.

"Does that feel good?  I asked.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned.

"Do you want me to **** you in the ***?"


"Do you want me to spank you?"

She gasped.

"You do, don't you?"

I ran the palm of my right hand over the smooth curve of her bottom, the middle finger of my left hand still up her ***.  Leisha had a beautiful round butt, beautifully shaped, full, solid, supple, inviting.

I had touched her with delight and calculation.  I was about to do something I had ony dreamed about and I was plotting my course.

I was hard and I slowly entered her and went as deep as I could.

She moaned and pressed back against me, welcoming my entrance.

If she had turned her head at that moment, she would have seen my right hand poised in the air, ready to strike.

The preparation lasted a good ten minutes. rubbing her bottom and back. I remained perfectly still and she would squeeze me, using her strong muscles.  What I was about to do was momentous.  It was a boundary I wasn't sure I wanted to cross, not because it disgusted me or because I felt it was morally wrong, but because I had the feeling that if I ever crossed it, I could never go back.  All my life this act had existed only in fantasy.  To make it real, to embody the fantasy, terrified me.  It was as if in allowing my imagination to find physical form, it would spring loose entirely.  I might completely lose control, say everything on my mind, or worse, do everything I had ever fantasized about.

I moved a couple of time and then held the small of her back firmly down, steadying it.  Leisha squirmed in marvelous anticipation.

"I'm going to spank you," I said, breaking the silence.

"Do it!" she ordered.

She was breathing heavily, and could barely speak.

"Do you want it?"

"I want it., please."

"Say what you want."

"I want you to spank me really hard, while you **** my ***."

I couldn't hold back a sigh.

"Go ahead," she said.  "Punish me."

The rest is like a dream.  When the boundary between fantasy and reality is broken, the world collapses into a moment the size of a dime.

I spanked Leisha until she was red, hot and burning.  My hand stung with the blows.

All the while I was saying something.  Without words, I was trying to get her to understand:  all the while in the breath of my heart, screaming its awful whisper, back behind the light-spill, I called her.  As if to spell it out with each stroke I gave her, over and over, I was saying:  Now!  Now do you understand me?


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4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

Lost...speak to your fiance from your heart. Gently call to him and express what you are feeling and what your needs are. I have a feeling that you will be greatly pleased at his response, because he may be feeling the same thing and is not courageous enough to speak his deepest desires to you.<br />
If you will call, he will respond.

LostInContemplation...Thank you for your comment. I merely write from the heart of what I feel.

Thank you wicked. That is another fantasy that I have. To find a woman who would like to engage in that "taboo" act. The spanking would only add to the pleasure and the understanding.

Risenpheonix, thank you for sharing your story! it is lovely and very arousing. I, too, love anal and a good spanking....your story took me to a place I would very much like to be.