"surprise Me"


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I chuckle as I hear you shout "Surprise me!", watching your lips quickly turn into a smile beneath the black silk blindfold I just tied around your head. "Very well" I add as I turn to the bowl containing the flashcards on which you have confessed to your most wanton desires for me. I pick up one, flip it over and read the secret wish you wrote on it. I catch the card between my lips and turn back to you as you stand before me, unable to read, guess or anticipate what is going to happen to you. I grab a thick and heavy chair and slowly drag it behind you, letting its back legs squeak as it grinds against the hardwood floor. I stand in front of you again, this time placing both my hands on your shoulders and without a word, I push you back as if you were standing on the edge of a cliff, about to fall into the abyss. Before you have time to let out a yelp, the thick padding of the seat make your *** bounce and my left arm catches your shoulder blades before they hit the back of the chair.

"This is your wish" I say in a low and calm voice after I pull the card off my mouth and drag its moistened edge across your left cheek. "Yes Sir..." you answer in a cheeky voice, pursing your lips as to defy me. Finding your tone far from showing obedience, I grab your hair and yank your head back against the chair, forcing your mouth to pop open to gasp for air. I reach for an unknown item with the other hand and point it to your face. A distinct scent engulfs your flaring nostrils, and unmistakably for you it is the fragrance of a green banana! It is with delight that I see your tongue starting to snake out from between your teeth to quickly lick the smoothness of the tip of the peeled fruit. I read the card back to you before returning it to the bowl "I want... no I crave having something hard and juicy in my mouth." I watch your lips freeze but eventually turn into a smile as you remember what you confessed to. I observe how you start sucking on the tip, extending your mouth to catch a good inch of that tasty fruit between your teeth before furiously snapping on its end and chewing all the healthy and creamy goodness over your tongue.


"Does it taste good?" I ask with a snarky tone, knowing full well how to work with your impatience and frustration. "Yes Sir... I love it... thank you for the gift Sir... may I have... more?" I let you pause for a moment and then pull the rest of the banana away from your mouth. As you finish chewing I reach for the top of your head where I tangle my fingers tightly into your hair and in a growling voice, I add "I am now going to use you for my pleasure, according to your wish." As soon as you hear those words, your luscious lips curl into a banana-shaped smile while the rest of your body frets in anticipation and some moisture flows deep inside you. The next sound your ears catch is the familiar whirr of a zipper pulled open followed by the muffled dropping of my pants. From there, it all becomes a blur, your hair pulled hard forcing your head to bend down, your cheeks being slashed by my hard thick **** as the tip tries to slide into the little 'o' produced by your mouth. When your lips instinctively clench on the mast's head, I start pumping my hips slowly against your face, releasing your hair and holding your hands up against my waist where I feel them roam around and clench to my bare *** cheeks.


"YESSSSSSS" I shout back at you as you take over and bob your head up and down over my meaty rod, pausing once in a while to lick my smooth balls before impaling your mouth onto my vein-covered gladius, sucking on each of the bumps and edges your tongue finds. The excitation quickly reaches my limits and I let you know that I am taking over as my fingers grip the back of your head and each thrust of my hips make your nose clash against my the guard of my sword, fulfilling my dark desire of hard-******* your face.

In what seems to be a relentless charge, the head of my **** is hitting the roof of your mouth before curbing down to fill up your throat, challenging your gag reflex over and over again... at that point I can no longer restrain my raging lust and yield to the release of the boiling lava growling in the depth of my balls. My shaft shakes uncontrollably between your teeth and with a thunderous "OHHHH MY LOVE I'M CUMMINGGGGGGGG" I explode inside your mouth and fill your throat with my hot creamy nectar mixing with banana sweetness... Exhausted, empty physically and emotionally, I place my hands back on your shoulders for support before reaching behind your head to untie the knot. I then gently pull myself out of your mouth, watching my still-throbbing **** and your sexy mouth still attached by a thick glistening string and carefully wipe the excess *** pouring from the side of your lips with the undone blindfold. I reach under your arms and lift you into mine, pressing my lips against yours as I taste the delicious and nutricious mixture still in your mouth. I look into your beautiful eyes staring back at me lovingly and I whisper... "Shall we take a shower and move to bed now?", you nod and we walk away to the bathroom, still hugging tightly.

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Feb 25, 2010