Don't Look Back


I have written this for one of my friend who was working very hard and felt frustrated that she didn't have time to play. As such, the setup of the story is minimal, like the "Surprise me" I posted before and is probably best read if you are already a bit horny ;-)


"Don't look back" I say as I grab hold of your hair in one hand and tighten my fist around it, adding "Don't say anything unless I address you, nod if you understand". Without a thought you tilt your chin up and down once. I look over  the desk where you sit, it is covered in notes, drafts, working proposals that have kept you up late for the past few nights. "Looks like somebody has been burning the midnight oil, poor baby..." I exhale with a tone of concern as I turn the desk lamp away from yours papers. As your eyes instinctively follow the diffuse cone of light I begin to stroke your right shoulder and after a few moments the tension in your muscles become apparent to me. "Stand up" I order and pull the chair away from you as you get on your feet. I yank your head back in a brisk tug and put my mouth to your right ear. "You look so attractive when you work hard and dedicate yourself to your goals, it's so sexy, it makes me want you. In fact I want to take you here and I want to take you now because I feel you need to be ****** badly!"

I catch your earlobe in my mouth and start nibbling on it, giving it a few sucks here and there as I grind my teeth on your sensitive lobe. I shove my free hand into your cleavage and immediately feel your generously-proportioned chest heaving under my touch. I brush the palm of my hand against the cups of your bra, rubbing the lining against your sensitive nipples until I feel them shoot through the fabric. I take a sudden bite of your neck and give it a harder suck than the one I made on your ear, only to watch the deep red hickey starting to appear on the surface of your skin, fully knowing you will wear this mark of passion for the next few days. I sense the first shivers running throughout your body and it makes me want to see it on your naked body. I open up your shirt in the front and tell you to lift your arms up as I remove it. Now your beautiful shoulders are bare for me to see. I kiss them, brush my face against your pale skin and paint with my tongue over the crease between your shoulder blades, going further down until I catch the lacy back strap of your bra. I lift it between my teeth and at the same time use my hand to free your breasts from the oppressive harness. Without opening its clasp, I stretch the bra over your head and arms as I admire the sensual way that your hair falls back on your nape and shoulders.

I carefully stay behind you, out of sight, then grab a hold of the back of your neck, pushing you down with force onto the hard desk. Your forearms land flat on the surface, framing your hanging breasts as they are compressed together.

I reach down between your legs, visiting your inner thighs with the back of my hand and collecting some of the wetness that has already seeped through your pants.

"Are you that horny already?" I ask. " Sir." you stammer, shamefully. "I am going to take care of that then." you hear me say with enthusiasm.

I lean all over your bare back and slip both hands between your chest and the desk, playfully squeezing your **** between my fingers. "I love covering you like this, it feels so nice being so close behind you, my hard **** throbbing against your wet *****" I whisper as I press my mouth to your thick lock of hair to inhale its scent. I straighten up and grind my bulging pants against your ***, then unbutton my shirt before tossing it over your head, shielding your eyes from the bright desk light. The musky cologne I put on daily combines with the masculine sweat to produce a unique and intoxicating fragrance that your nose is inhaling like a powerful narcotic substance. You start to lose track of space and time, only to focus on the immediate sensations...


The sting of my right hand on your *** brings you back to your senses, the superficial but sudden pain making you alive again.

I reach for the front of your pants and loosen the zipper before pulling them together with your panties down to your ankle, thus restricting the spread of your legs.

I lift my hands up and caress the welted spot on your round ***, licking your bruised skin as if I were enjoying my favorite ice cream treat. I part your buns and stick my tongue down in the middle from the birth of your crack down to your tight opening, going up and down in a slow, dedicated fashion, enjoying each of the chill I send down your spine.

As I straighten up, the soft sound of my leather belt being pulled out sends your mind reeling in anticipation of my hot hard piece of male flesh soon to enter you. I direct my shaft between your thighs and point it upwards as the head pushes against your pink folds. With both hands I push down on your shoulders, pinning you against the flat surface of the desk amid your work paper and rock my hips against your ***, sending all of my **** deep inside your hot *****!

The instant bliss is felt by both as I bury my shaft into you, ramming it to the hilt each time deeper with each thrust. Our bodies become prisoner of a purely lust feeling as I feel you push your *** back into me and I take a bite out of your shoulder and neck on the left. I slide my hands under you, crossing my forearms over your large breasts, pulling you off the table in a powerful hug. Our bodies and mind fusing together, expressing the deeply emotional connection between us as we surrender to our most primal instincts. I feel your fingers reaching the back of my head, digging into my hair, scratching my back while I use mine to reach for the smooth curve between your legs, rubbing your small **** with vigorous strokes to extract the loudest moans from you.

I withdraw my hard member from the velvety confines of your ***** and breathlessly address you with a request "Suck your own juices off my **** now, baby... I want you on your knees, playing with yourself, I want to watch it all, for my pleasure."

Within seconds you adopt the submissive position, looking up at me with loving eyes as I present my wet shaft to your mouth. I feel one of your delicate hand cupping my balls as you engulf my **** and push it deep down your throat while you enjoy taking care of yourself with the other. "I want you to *** with your mouth full of me" I explain as you find the right rhythm for your fingertips. As you're bringing yourself to the verge of a powerful ******, I feel your teeth scraping against my meaty shaft which sends wonderful waves of pleasure through my spine until I hear your moans peeking into a scream of pleasure only muffled by the fullness of my **** in your mouth.

I bend over and pull you up into my arms, kissing you passionately while holding your body limp from the ******. I nuzzle against your cheek, purring and cooing with you in happiness even though I am saving my final pleasure for a special treat.

"Baby... I can't wait to feel the tightness of your ***, do you want me to *** inside your tight little hole?" I ask with a caring tone. "Yes, yes, yes... please I want to feel you in it now, I want you to *** inside..." I hear your breathless voice say to me with eagerness. I take a deep breath and draw a smile on my lips before kissing you... showing you how much I am proud of the trust you have in me, for this delicate act.

I place you over the desk again and make you spread your legs as you bury your head between your arms stretched forward, hands clenching onto the top edge for support. I grab hold of your left side with one hand while stroking your ***** to milk its natural juices in my palm, licking my fingers to enjoy your taste. I carefully insert a sleek index finger into your anus, turning around as it screws in deeper... moving in and out to help your muscles relax until I can fully insert both middle and index fingers to the hilt. I look beyond your shoulders and watch how white your knuckles turn as you grip the desk. "Take a deep breath now, I am going in..." I say in a confident tone. I stroke the entire length of my shaft and lube it with some more of your own nectar before pointing the wider head against your tight little pucker. You feel me pushing, I feel the resistance and the pressure building on your ***... until it naturally pop inside and we both exhale a loud sigh of relief and pleasure. 

From there, a new feeling of intimacy emerges with each stroke. your tight hole accommodates my size and I become more comfortable thrusting in and out at a faster pace without hurting you. I lean all over your back until our shoulders touch and I let my hips do all the moving as my shaft brushes pleasantly against the narrow and warm confines of your rear quarters. Between your moans and my grunting we manage to slip in some passionate kisses rewarding our sincere care for each other.

With the increased stimulation of your tightness I am no longer able to hold back and I shout your name in your ear "baby... I'm ******* for you now... I can't hold it, can't... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!' as I shoot my full load, coating your walls with my creamy offering, shaking from my inner core with each eruption of milky hot ***. I collapse on your back, blowing into your ear with rapid and raspy breathing... spent, happy, loving you with every fiber of my being... A few minutes later, after our heartbeats have slowed down, we head for the shower and wash each other off before turning in for a sweet night, naked under the sheets, in each other's arms.
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Mar 11, 2010