The Handcuffs, Blindfold, and the Feather

The handcuffs, blindfold, and the feather


You walk into my hotel room.  We kiss passionately.  I see an evil smile from your lips.  I know you have the handcuffs and you want to be handcuffed to the bed.


I rip off your clothes, making sure I lick and suck on your nipples while doing so.  Oh, this is going to be sooooo much fun.


You lay on your back and I begin to attach your arms and legs to the bed.  You are ‘spread-eagle’.


I am hard with excitement as I get your final leg attached to the bed.  I come up to your face and kiss you passionately and you kiss me back.  You look into my eyes and say, ‘please’ in a begging voice.  This is last time you will see me for awhile as I place the blindfold over your eyes.


I get the feather out and gently begin to touch your nipples with it.  I want them to want me.  My goal, right now, is to arouse you.  Not tickle you.  After a very short period of time I see that you nipples are erect.  You are slightly moaning while I talk softly into your ear.  I ask you if you like that and you say yes.


I quietly ask you if you want my mouth, if you like ******* me, and if you like sucking me.  You answer yes to all.  Each yes is a little louder than the pervious one.  I ask you if you like ******* for me and you say, ‘oh God yes’.


Slowly I kiss your lips.  You are ready to attack me, but you are restrained by the cuffs.  I am in complete control and I am going to go SLOW.


I disengage from your lips.  I see your nipples and I need to lick them and suck them.  I begin to do so and I hear you begin to moan louder with pleasure.  After all, you can not see me licking them.  You can only feel my slow and soft touch.


One of my hands finds its way to your wet *****.  I start to finger **** you so slowly while licking and sucking on your ****.  You buck against my fingers.  You like this and I can tell.


I am still close enough to whisper in your ear.  I quietly talk to you.  I ask you if you like that.  If you like me.  I ask you if you want me.  You say yes to all.  I ask you if you can feel your body, since you can not see what I am doing.  Again you let out a moan for me mixed with a ‘yes’.


I then get the feather back out and brush it against the nipple I am not sucking.  I hear you moan ‘oh God’.  You buck harder against my hand.  I know you are going to *** soon.


I change ‘nipples’ sucking on the one that had the feather.  I use the feather on the one that had my mouth.  You are bucking harder and faster and letting out a loud moan as you start ******* on my fingers.  I am so turned on.  I am so hard.


Once you have completed coming (and cooled down a little), I give you a gently kiss on the lips.  I get my feather back out and run it slowly around your body, including your face.  I quietly ask you if you liked that and you say yes.


I quietly ask you if you want to suck my ****.  You say, “God yes”.  You turn your head and I put my **** in your mouth.  Since you are STILL constrained, I am the one that sets the tempo.  And my tempo is SLOW.


You take of me in your mouth.  It feels sooooo good.  I brush the feather against your erect **** while you are sucking me and you let out a muffled moan.


Since I am the one in control (and owner of the feather), I pull my **** from your mouth and kiss your lips.


I again use the feather going across your body.  Your breasts, your stomach, your thighs.  From time to time my mouth follows the feather.  Other times it does not.  I lick you and kiss you where the feather was previously.


I get to your thighs and feather goes over them.  I hear you let out a moan as my mouth follows.  You can feel my warm breath near your ***** now.  I can tell you heart is beating quicker as I use my mouth to kiss the inner part of your thighs.  At the same time I use one hand with the feather and slowly brush one of your **** with it.  Your nipple quickly comes to attention.


I eventually start licking your ***** and you let out multiple moans.  You’re going to *** soon and I know it.


I lick quicker and harder until you ***, almost screaming in ecstasy.


Once you have cooled down again, I begin to use the feather on your face and breasts.  My tongue follows to your breasts as I suck on them and quietly talk to you.  I ask you if you like ******* me.  I ask you if you like sucking me.  I ask you if you like to be eaten.  You say yes to all.


I ask you if you want me to **** you NOW.  Do you need my hard and hot **** in your *****?  You say yes.  But wait, I say, I think you need to beg first.  I ask if you REALLY want me.  You moan yes.  I mount you, with you still ‘cuffed’ and blindfolded.  I kiss your lips as we slowly rock.  I talk to you while slowly riding you.  All of your answers are either moans or ‘yes’.


I pick up the pace as I know I need to drill you NOW.  It feels so good.  You are completely at my whim and I am ******* you HARD.  I eventually explode and *** like I have never come before.  Sweat is dripping from both of us as we are both spent.


I roll off you and uncuff you.  You put your head on my shoulders and kiss my lips as we both taken in the actions that previously happened.


So my question:


When can I ‘cuff’ you?



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MizzBlue72--I agree with you!

ANYIME u want . . .