Her blood stained the soft bones gripping her hair, feeding their thirst as the finest of her screams glided against the lingering shadows of my ears. “See you, *****!” The bones clenched their might against the blackness of her curls and dug into her falling flesh, shuddering as the salivating corner of the brick wall wrapped itself around her neck, pulling her from the craving bones as they yanked her back, each one begging for the final slice of her earthly salt and the spoils of the finish granted to the solace of the victor, each one fighting for its place in the joy of sluicing her life from the sighing flesh, the drawing of the grating voice from the echoes of the bones that drank the milk of tears from the shredded lives. The darkness that fed her, as she laughed in the mockery of the hands that darkened the soil she treaded.
The craving bones breathed in the blood that entwined with the darkness, and the warmth of flesh covered my naked bones as I wrenched her from the embrace, snapping her back and then as the fleshless smile snaked around my wrist, I threw her, watching as her bones met the gleaming corner of the wall, smothering its salivating lust with the skin that held the flesh guarding the shattered bones as her the thoughts that gathered in the dusty recesses of a mind used to mock, spilled to embrace the cracks that dug through, courting the quivering piece of brain that yearned the freedom as the bone melted into my unseeing flesh, searing the colors that dripped from her into my own. She was the woman who condemned me to her life as her blood pooled in the veins that refused her breath of life as her condemnation slowly coursed through, plucking from my flesh the vessels they needed as the specks of dust from the silence of my secrets spun into the whispers of her condemnation, mocking them into the form they beseeched, as it locked into me, and the bones sprung into position, guarding the pulsing form that cursed her name from every wall. “Mother,” the form hissed, mingling the word with its loathing and I was born.
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Dec 22, 2012