I Keep Myself Entertained

I can't remember how old I was when I first started writing.  I do remember my 5th grade teacher asking if she could have one of my stories to publish in the a children's magazine.  However, because I was incredibly shy and I only wrote to please myself, I told her no (what a dummy).

Anyway, I have bunches of stories started but none are finished because I mainly write to entertain myself.  I read a lot but I find that my own stories are the ones I most enjoy.  I think I like them so much I just don't want them to end--so I don't end them.

I keep thinking that one day I will publish them (yeah right!) but I can't see letting one of my 'children' out into the big scary world.

Katija Katija
51-55, F
6 Responses Jul 2, 2007

There is probably some fear behind the control. The next step will be the most difficult one, but I'm sure a step worth taking...think positive...law of attraction :)

Ouch! That is going to leave a mark. I do know I like to hold on to my stories--and I freely admit to being a control freak:-[. I'm constantly 'tweaking' them as it were. So what’s your suggestion—byte the bullet and toss one into the digital wind?

Some parents infantilize their children long into adulthood - it's a control thing. Bad for business. Likewise, the desire to protect your "kids" from the criticisms of the reading public is understandable, because, no matter how good they are, they will get shelled. (Even Faulkner had his detractors.) But ultimately, it's the only way to find out if they're any good - because the name of the game is communication with others. Somewhere there is a reader who will encounter a story of yours and respond with the same emotions that prompted you to write it, giving him or her an experience unavailable any other way. The solitary artist alone in an ivory tower creating art for no one to see denies herself, and us, the benefit of her talent. What would be worse - if everybody hated them or if everybody loved them?

I've been thinking more an more about publishing. Largely because as I've read other artists, I've thought that, while their stories are more polished, mine are definitely on par with theirs. Now the trick is doing it. I don't fear having others read my work. My concern is the amount of work that goes into doing the research for agents, publishers etc. I don't even know where to start. I can't help but think that if I make the wrong move I could doom the 'story' to limbo.

If you are having fun, then thats the important part. But I am sure that there are several people here that would love to look at some of your work.

Please, have them published share with the world we all need a good read. My Mother once told me,the best part of having a good receipe is the shareing with others. she felt that someone who asked her for a receipe was the best complaiment ever... she was a fantastic cook. So share please