The Kind Of Theif You Can't Call The Cops On

he snuck his way through my window with as much noise as a falling feather.

he got around all my barriers, the wired fence and rapid pit bulls.

I felt him standing over me but I couldnt wake from my slumber.


then he took it. Stole it right from under me.

i didn't notice it was missing until I tried to use it but it was long gone.

I questioned him about it but he said he never saw it, never touched it, never wanted it,


he went away after that, without a backward glance.

I tried to call the law but he was the kind of theif you can't call the cops on.


and I never saw it again, even though I needed to have it back.

after the way he treated it, he didnt deserve to see it.


I begged and prayed he would return it to me but he wouldn't consent.

and i missed it.

i yearned for it.


he took my love and wouldn't give it back



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very lovely!