It's Morning

I must admit, you were better than I dreamed.

You caressed every curve, every inch. It almost felt personal.

I felt the heat of your breath on my neck and the thrust of your lust inside me

Our bodies danced together in harmony, rumpled sheets swirling around us like soft clouds

And me, moaning, expressing my ectasy, louder than a howl to the moon.

I couldn't keep my eyes from your face, the smooth surface of your jaw, my teeth crushing down on the soft skin of your lower lip....

My hands, wrapped around your strong shoulders, the moisture under my palms keeping my nails from leaving marks

Pure Satisfaction............

But it's morning now

I avert my eyes from your sleeping face, knowing I'll never see you again and slide from underneath the arms I want to stay embraced in forever.

A quick shower and a hasty note, scrawled with my excuse for leaving.

I touch your mouth for one last time, memorizing the texture for I'll never feel it again

It's morning now

Every cell in my body yearns to stay and so I must go

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Mar 31, 2010