Loosing It...

Why do I write this? to keep from loosing it


Why so strong, I was doing so well

Hunger that builds, a taste I can not describe.

To taste the fruit and forget its essence,

is not within my reality.

My stomach tightens as my limbs grow weak,

My head spins as my heart races.

Confusion sets in and frustration build,

and what is there to do, but nothing.

I feel you, I smell you, your closeness I lack,

as the wind without air, there is nothing.

The softness of your skin, the taste of your lips,

the smell of your hair, the beat of your heart.

Soft breasts against me as you head lay on my chest,

warm leg wraped over me, a hand against my face.

The gentle kiss against my cheak and the look in those eyes,

two souls that have mingled and one aura they became.

Why do I write this, what good can it do,

Maybe, just maybe, to keep from loosing it...

I miss you. Where are you...

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Apr 24, 2010