May I Have This Dance?


 Can you hear it?

First a few, then more.

The song of the sky on a warm summer evening.

Your standing there, the air is a bit cooler now.

It was warm, so warm today

But the night is coming, the sun beggining to set

Your hair moves in the breeze

I see your eyes as you look into the distant sky

They sparkle, so beautiful

How can I not smile?

It comes now, just soft

It continues and will through the night

But the nights not here yet, the sun just going down

Take my hand and walk with me

Out into the grass that drinks from the sky

The rain falls soft

It is our music, our song

Take my hand, please

Come with me, into the air

As the pedals of water fall from the sky

The beauty as the water caresses your face

Your eyes, they smile at me

Our body's getting soaked as you take my hand

Mine in yours and my other on your side

Yours in mine and the other on my shoulder

Sway with me

Sing with me

So please, in your beauty that shines throught the falling rain


May I have this dance?

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1 Response Apr 30, 2010

Yes! :)