Rose Colored Glasses

Rose Colored Glasses

Not always an easy thing to wear.

"Made for dreamers, searchers and believers" they say

"Not at all practical in the real world."

"What?" may I ask, "is reality?"

To look at the darkness this world at times holds?

To feel the coldness that men can freely hand out?

The hunger of a child or the widow left in pain?

The heaviness of a father as he can't pay all the bills?

The mother working frantically to cloth her child?

The days can be dismal full of envy and strife.

The nights they can haunt you, casting shadows upon the dreams left behind.

The negative vibrations reverberating off the very core of the earth from men turning aside from a neighbor in need.

and then there is me

I see a bright future for all who reach out.

I see hope for the morrow giving way through the pain.

I see joy and love in abundance,

I see laughter and smiles.

I see dreams that are unending.

I see a world full of hope.

"Rose Colored Glasses" you say?

I wear them proudly.

I see clearly


I not only hope, dream, love, laugh and look forward to my tomorrow,

but I'll look for you as well.

Maybe one day, you'll try them on

and see

a more beautiful world,

through Rose Colored Glasses.

Wakanpyro Wakanpyro 46-50, M 1 Response Sep 5, 2010

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IF it weren't for your rose-colored glasses....we wouldn't be.