If Only I Could...

 I feel your heart

Our tears share the same pain

If only I could...

They know not what they have

Deep down, who you are

The depth of your soul, your spirit, your love

All you have to give

If only I could...

The wanting, the longing

To feel the touch that equals the one you give

If only I could...

You know my heart

You have felt my pain

Though miles between

You see me, for who I am

If only I could...

Your hair I would hold

Your lips I would taste

You would never long for arms around you

You would never fear the darkness of night

If only I could...

Though maybe I should not

I would be there for you

If only I could...

Never longing for a touch

Never longing for love

Never worrying to fear

Never longing to be held

If only I could, for you,

I would

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1 Response Feb 27, 2010

Very Beautiful! Hugs, LW