A Love No Longer

A Love No Longer

You used to be the one I adored
 but your not my special love any more
Im sorry darling but Ive closed that door
Your barely a friend 
Nothing more
You've hurt me to my very core

Thanks for agonizing my delicate heart
And causing it to split apart
What did you think it would do 
After years and years of being blue

You've taken from me
gifts I'll never get back
You've turned my heart of gold to black

Your so called love caused my tears to pour
I will never feel as I did before

You used to be the one I adored
But you've left my heart out on the floor

I was your convenience nothing more
You've made me feel like a worthless *****

Now if only I could get myself back 
I would erase all
of the black
And fill it in with colors of gold
And truths of love that have yet to be told..
RavensHeart RavensHeart
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

A broken heart in fiction often heals with yet another love coming upon the scene. In life it heals from knowing that love grows from within; that the one whose love you need the most, is your own. Embrace yourself and give thanks for all that you have. You have the eraser, even as you speak of it. Remove the tarnish, for the gold wants to shine.