My Passion

I love writing Hip Hop music cause it helps me express myself & relieve stress. I started trying to rap when I was 12 but was not any good at it. My family members would tell me to shut up cause I sucked at rapping. I continued to practice at it & I started noticing that I was getting better.

By the time I was 16 I had gotten way better so I started looking for a place to record. One day My neighbor said that he had a microphone & a computer that we could use to record. I recorded a few songs over mainstream instrumentals but after a few months I ended up moving. The recording stopped but I continued to freestyle pretty much everyday. After a few month of living in my new house I met this guy who also wrote Hip Hop music.

He introduced me to his friend who happen to be a music producer & we started making music together. I have been working with this guy for about 4 years now & have wrote lots of song. I was not to serous about the whole music thing so I was just making song to make them. But a few months ago my producer told me that I should start doing shows & make a album. I took his advice & started writing new songs to go on my album I even did a few shows.

I am now halfway done with my first official album & I hope to have it done by my birthday. The album will include party songs, blazing songs, songs about motivation, & songs about positivity. I am also doing a documentary about youths joining gangs that I hope will help prevent them from joining. I also did a song just for the documentary & it will be part of the sound track. I hope that my gift will be able to help other just through the power of words.
Cali4fun Cali4fun
22-25, M
May 24, 2012