I Love What I Hate, The Writing Of A Poem...


I love what I hate,


The writing of a poem.


It is the most wonderful pain,


I have ever known.


Each word comes freely


Yet forced with all my might,


Every word I write is so very often wrong,


Yet it's always right


Some People read and say they love every word,


And some call me crazy, stupid, and names I never heard


I write the great truths that everyone wants to hear,


But greet my words with too much scorn and often, even fear


I write the words down,and then tear them up, and throw then in the fire,


But write them up again, Hoping for friends laughter and enemies ire

Oh, what a sad, sad, creature I be, and have become

The rewards few, the worshipers, none

Yet I write the words like such you now see,

The lines I make rhyme, that you so mad few, dare to read

I love what I hate,

The writing of a poem,

It is the most wonderful,wonderful, pain,


I have ever, ever, known...




Katfather Katfather
51-55, M
1 Response Apr 18, 2012

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Bunny not,
Bunny can't,
Bunny being bunny,
So Bunny shan't

Oh, Noah Webster says ''Hi'',
But I don't know why,
Since it's plain to see,
You've never heard or read a work by he..

no no i havent what about this one a cartton with a cape and a mask but he doesent like the girl at first but once he falls in love with him he takes the mask of and starts dancing i did my research and it proves taking ur mask of when ur really in love is something that a girl will say its like saying something as big as i do in a wedding thats how it strucks a girl i havent thode of a name but what would u call this project