Fear Gas

Thunder clashes in the midnight sky
It’s cold and it’s rainy outside
As I’m walking about
Something begins to follow

It begins to run
With the moisture running down my face
I run in terror and dispar
I hear the snatching of it’s teeth

I jump, I run
I end up bound in chains
I’m holding out for a hero
To save me from this dream

I slam the door behind me
It breaks through in seconds
I gasp and scream
It’s coming for me tonight

Arms stretched out, grasping my body
It begins to rip me apart
Slashing and gashing my insides out
I scream, but no one can hear me

I struggle, I put up a fight
I can’t die like this, not within this nightmare
It chains me to the ground
It leaves me to die

I kick and I scream
Nothing seems to work anymore
Should I give up my hope and die
Or should I continue doing what I do

The room grows colder as I lay
Bleeding out onto the white canvas
Painting a picture with my blood
With only my in trails as my paintbrushes

I wonder how I got this far
I outran the beast for twenty years
Is this how my story ends
Bounded in the chains that once saved me

Somehow, something happens
I wake from the horrible nightmare
I feel sweat drip from my head
I broke through the fever
The beast is still around
Today I live
Everyday, I’ll feel the claws within
Until the day I die
Nemonite Nemonite
18-21, T
Jul 31, 2012